Monday, May 01, 2006

A Tasteless Cake

Meredith's sense of humor is way worse than mine: he is more raunchy, rude, potty-minded, inappropriate, and just plain bad.So you can imagine how terrible we can be when we hang out. We sort of egg each other on to a place where nothing is too sacred to be made fun of in the worst way possible. So I tried to make a cake that would be tasty yet tasteless enough to be worthy of Captain Inappropriate.

April 27, 2006
Occasion: Meredith's birthday
Name of Cake: Explosion! Anus!
Constituents: Devil's Food Cake baked as a bundt
Basic Powdered Sugar Icing
Rocky road fudge packed into the center of the bundt
Raspberries for embellishment

I didn't have my camera when I made this cake, so you'll just have to wait until the film gets developed. In the meantime, use that imagination--it might not be lost yet!

I got this idea whilst getting an acupuncture treatment, so blame it on the needles if you turn up your nose at my creation.

I was worried that I'd overfill the bundt pan so I made 5 little cakelettes, and they were yummy. This was the first time I'd made the Devil's Food Cake recipe from The Book, and it's a keeper.

The bundt cake = anal sphincter

Embarassingly enough, I had the most trouble with the freaking icing. You would think that powdered sugar and water, essentially, would be an EASY thing to make, but I found a way to mess it up. I wanted a really thin icing--more like a glaze, really--so I kept adding more and more water to it. Oh, and a couple of tablespoons of cream, don't ask me why. And of course, my achnemesis showed up: The Curdler. I don't know how the little shit found me this time.

So I sort of painted on the icing, which kind of worked, and since it was grainy looking anyway, that actually made it better.

grainy white icing = Candida? Or, something a little more spoogy? You be the judge.

The fudge recipe was super crazy easy. And even though the recipe called for chilling the fudge for 2 hours in the refrigerator, I shoved the cake in the freezer while I made the fudge, and as I packed the stuff into the middle of the cake (sphincter) the fudge started firming up real fast. I've got a pan of extra fudge sitting on the kitchen table. Good chocolatey flavor, creamy fudgy texture.

rocky road fudge = diarrhea with undigested food

I topped it of with a few well-placed raspberries. Tasty little tartlings.

raspberries = hemorrhoids

Needless to say, mission accomplished.


  1. I am always a fan of beautiful creations with wicked context, and your cake is spot on in that category. Nice!

  2. ahh, I don't know, I have IBS, AND hemorrhoids somehow, it just isn't that funny.......sigh

  3. Despite what Nea here has to say about your cake, ECL, I think it rocks.
    Dear Nea, ECL's Tasteless Cake is not about you. It is not about making fun of something that causes you to suffer. You could choose to click on something else if you find it too...irritating.

  4. Okay, now, kids, let's not get too testy about anything here. Cassara, I know you are looking out for me and defending me, which I love you for, but I don't think Nea was trying to be mean here...

    Punkass: when I brave the world of dairy free cakes I'll be sure to make you something good and nasty!