Thursday, May 04, 2006

Deliciously Nasty

I can't stand Tom Cruise. He bunches up my underwears.

Okay. Okay. I cried when I saw The Last Samurai. I cried a lot. But that was because of Ken Watanabe. Mr. Watanabe was good enough, and sexy enough, to render TC superflous.

So I am feeling much joy and satisfaction that the Go Fug Yourself girls have been fugging TCruise lately during his new stupid movie press apprearances.

Warning: this stuff is bitchy. But oh so funny!

Mission Unfuggable April 25, 2006
Fugging Impossible April 26, 2006
Mission Impossible: Fug May 1 2006
Fugging Unfuggagble: Fug May 3 2006

I know. It isn't cake. But just as satisfying.


  1. Oh, Evil Cake Lady, I do think you are my long lost twin. Cake, gossip, and the fugging of Tom Cruise. I love it!

  2. Yay!

    {claps hands with glee}

    Finally, the world starts to come to its senses!

    I've added you to my list of Voix-lings. Wanna reciprolink me, hot stuff?

    I like cake, seriously. You rock.

  3. wow! such nice comments from two nice stranger ladies!

    irish goddess, i do love that one of your posts was all about how great your day was because you had a slice of cake in your lunch. sometimes i go to bed excited because i know there's a slice of cake waiting for me to eat for breakfast.

    michele, i'm a voix-ling now! yay! i'll link you up, no problem.