Friday, May 19, 2006

Cake Dilemmas

I would like to register a formal complaint against all internet copy pirates.

When I google "Baskin Robbins ice cream cake recipe" and see in the first page five different websites claiming to have this recipe, I expect each page to have their OWN VERSION of the recipe. But instead I find THE SAME RECIPE copied and published on all five websites.

Dude! What are you people thinking?!

Anyhoo. It looks like I will be getting a comfy room for the birthday festivities where people can come and go as they like and eat and drink as they please. I am satisfied with this plan.

I am also resigned to baking and assembling my own ice cream cake. Woah now, don't get me wrong. The ECL loves baking cakes, duh, I mean, duh, but I can't make a goofy cool kitschy Sponge Bob Rockstar Cake! I love goofy cool kitschy cakes with toys as decorations!

Even though I would really rather pay some B&R to do it for me, I am now getting curious as to what I could do to make an even BETTER ice cream cake. Without cool toys and colored frosting. If that is posible.

Here are my cake concerns (for those of you not into the cake baking experience, please skip ahead, or around, or whatever):

1. butter cake doesn't really taste like much of anything when it is cold. wouldn't make a good ice cream cake base.
2. but i love butter cake!
3. however, a genoise would taste fine cold, AND i could then add an alcohol syrup.
4. hmmm
5. the white frosting is really just thinned out vanilla ice cream that is frosted on and then refrozen
6. but the little chunky shells or whatever they are around the edges! what are those?!
7. if they are sweetened vegetable shortening (read: commercial frosting) then, well, i just can't do that.
8. even if they taste good, i just can't do that.
9. what if i used lightly sweetened whipped cream--that i don't freeze, because frozen whipped cream separates into liquid and fat--that i frost on right before serving?
10. wait, where the hoohah is this cake going to sit while we eat drink and etc?? it can't sit out on a table, it has to stay cold!



  1. Thanks for reminding me of some of the birthday cakes I had when I was a kid (in the 80's). One was Snoopy laying on his dog house, with the Snoopy made entirely out of frosting. (My cousin pushed my face into it.) My favorite one was Snow White -- it had those plastic toys you were talking about. Snow White, the prince and all the dwarves! My mom had those figures on top of her fridge for the longest time. I'm sure they're gone now. (Who knew there'd be all this nostalgia for 70's and 80's stuff.)

  2. dude tino says this thing is going to be at the man's mothership?? I know I am being cryptic but hell yes that rocks!

  3. Very interesting... I've never even contemplated making an ice cream cake. Sounds complicated... I'll be very curious to see what you come up with.

  4. SG: your cousin pushed your face into your frosting-snoopy? were you mad? i would have been.

    Z: if the fools call me back so we can hammer out the details, yes!

    TFB: i'm curious to see what i come up with, too. i've got several ideas floating around in my head...haven't decided which approach to go with yet.