Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More to Come

just sayin, my birthday was quite nice.

i will have a real post about the cakes, but just to let you know: dry ice makes things freeze nice and hard.

i will also say that my roommate and i camped at the coast sunday-monday. yesterday: a little drizzly. today: absolutely gorgeous and sunny.

i would have liked to have stayed another night. especially since the cigar-smoking, beer-drinking, creed-listenin' boys in the campsite next door left today--we could have had silence! our neighbor on the other side must have got in late because he slept in the driver's side seat of his car until this morning when he (over the course of 2 hours): napped on his picnic bench, stared at his empty firepit, and eventually set up his tent.

also, we were the only english speakers on the beach. everyone else spoke russian. my russian is now so bad that i couldn't eavesdrop properly. but i still can identify a member of the russian mafia in under one minute!

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  1. Happy Gemini (aka Birth) Day! Lots of Russians, eh? Probably all from the Foster rd area. Russian women are so lovely.