Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Well, I'm Back

I have no new baking to report upon.

I just thought I'd post something new.

My mother, betrayer of betrayers, got a freaking Costco sheet cake for the night of a million zillion pilipinos. A Costco sheet cake! Oh my god!

So I put my mom's kitchenaid back in the corner, closed my battered copy of The Cake Bible, and ate See's Candies with my sister. While lounging on the chaise. With our little drop-kick dogs. While getting fanned by the servants.

On a happier note, my Uncle Karlin (technically my cousin's husband's father, but we like to shorten that to "uncle") brought his yummy Kahlua cake. I had second helpings of that. And several thousand toron. Toron is a sweetened plantian or a banana sliced the long way, wrapped in lumpia wrapper (which is like a very very thin eggroll wrapper, usually made of just cornstarch and water) and deep fried until golden brown and crispy. Dust with a titch of powdered sugar and drizzle a teeny bit of chocolate sauce and you have a freakin, freakin, good dessert.

And, yes, I did have a piece of the Costco cake, which was like "typical" cake--too too sweet, but not bad. I have to say I harbor a guilty liking for that horrible grocery store frosting--you know, the kind where it is sort of crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside and 100% sugary, and if you get a corner piece you usually shove all the extra frosting to the side. Well I am the one that reaches over to your plate and eats all the extra frosting. And promptly passes out from insulin shock.

Christmas dinner was great and we had over John and Rita; Rita is this awesome and funny Austrian woman who likes to bake, and she bakes european-like. Which means yummy genoise cakes (ie sponge cakes--but genoise sounds more eurotrash, no?) spiked with lots of liqueur. Hell yeah. She baked us a Buche de Noel (hope I'm spelling that right) and she even candied her own orange peels for the filling. That is a woman after my own heart.


  1. oooooooooh yay you're back!
    a costco sheet cake? for ecl consumption?! the horror....i do see the occasional merit in the awful supermarket frosting but i can't help but think: partially hydrogenated vegetable oils! and that's when i put the cupcake down...
    i have such 'uncles' - they are always the best...kahlua cake, mmmmm.
    welcome back - when are we evil-baking?!

  2. Well Cake lady...we had a chocolate/cheesecake was good...but somehow I have a hunch if you had made would've been even better....but ya know, gotta love the inlaws for making an effort. Meanwhile, I think THE MOUSE should've had a burning bush special....Baked Californian...although I'm not sure what the ingredients would've been! perhaps a cinamon/cointreau or cinamon kirsch spongecake...done in a yule log style with one end being iced in flame colors.....
    But perhaps you will make something exciting for next moon?

  3. Shimmerer, perhaps we should make this California On Fire log for full moon? Who is doing full moon anyway? Did anyone make public the reason why the hotel tree went up in flames?? Slightly funny, in a haha-disneyland-is-on-fire-which-is-SO-not-family-fun-unless-you-have-a-sick-sense-of-humor way, but also slightly serious. Hope no one got hurt. Glad you are back and not hurt.

    evilpielady, yes i know partially hydrogenated oils are pure EVIL (the evil kind of evil not the us kind of evil) but, mmmmm, tasty.