Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Is Why I Love These People

me and the crazyheads

Those crazyheads. You know what they got me for Christmas? Cookie rocked my world and got me a ROTATING CAKE STAND. Hell yeah!! My cakes will become eviller and eviller, muhahahah. (I'm sure eviller is a word, shutup.) Hole got me this soft and comfy blanket that is almost as nice as cuddling with the Stinky. I call it "the surrogate." Who knew that at age 32 I'd find my binky.

In a few short hours I'm going to drive to my parent's house 700 miles away. While in Los Altos this holiday, I aim to:

1. not go crazy
2. eat chocolate and cookies in the pantry in the middle of the night with my sister (holiday tradition)
3. see all my pilipino relatives (6 aunts and uncles, 5,000 cousins plus their husbands/wives and 200 children, random people I'm probably related to in some roundabout fashion, ie: in-laws of cousins, cousins of cousins, friends of cousins, and one big roasted-in-the-ground pig, which I'm sure I'm related to somehow, but don't remember)
4. bake for my relatives
5. get a pie crust lesson from my momma
6. not go crazy (worth reinforcing)

me, auntie, cousin, cousins' cousin, momma, cousin's wife
and etc.....

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you spend it with people you love, and don't you go crazy.


  1. a rotating cake stand?!! that's FABULOUS! yay ecl, now you can be evil IN THE ROUND.
    binky's @ 32 are likely better than those at 3, i imagine. happy holidaytime - here's to evilbaking '06!

  2. yes, binkys at 32 means i probably won't chew and suck on it like i might have at 3. i save that stuff for the stinky.


    on a side note, my sister and i are total NERDS. we are sitting outside a closed coffee shop in her big american company car stealing wifi...damn we are dorks.

  3. I don't know, I think you have nerd competition here or is it geek vs nerd? either way...I'm still qualifying- barely....glad to read about your new cake utensil acquirements....we too received a binky from our personal trainer one of the fuzzy ones like the socks.soooo soft. our friend's daughter had a cute boy and I can finally breathe.... I hope your fam time is better than worse, Merry Merry!