Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Dec 14, 2005
Bear Moon
Too Many Sagittarians
Coconut-Raspberry-Lemon Cake
2 layers white cake (split to make 4 layers)
filled with raspberry preserves, lemon buttercream
frosted with lemon buttercream and coated in coconut flakes

This cake was a celebration of mediocrity. All you could taste was the raspberry, and the most prevailing texture was the coconut flakes. You couldn’t taste the cake or the lemon. The frosting was just a buttery texture with no flavor.

I am a bit miffed because the buttercream on its own was VERY lemony. I guess when you invite raspberry to the party it interrupts all conversations to talk about itself. Not a team player, unless the party host is chocolate. Then raspberry plays along. Is it true love, or cowardice?

I vote cowardice.


  1. that cake sounds DIVINE and the description is a total riot, of all involved parties. yay ecl!

  2. (which is to say, i'm betting it wasn't truly mediocre as you say.)

  3. I dunno, it was pretty damn blah last night. I have one more piece at home waiting for me. Maybe it will be better today. I'll let you know.

  4. Whatever, Cake Lady.
    Gimme that cake. I won't call it names!

  5. letting you know:

    yeah, it was better, more lemony. but i still think it could have been WAY better.

  6. see? it was just sleepy, the cake.