Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Chocolate Meat Isn't Just For Breakfast Anymore

My darling roommate wants a recipe for chocolate meat.

Now, don't get as excited as you think you should be, folks. Chocolate meat is a Filipino dish made from meat, innards, and coated in a dark brown saucy stuff that looks like chocolate, but is really BLOOD!

It is the dish we most like to encourage non-Philippinos to eat when they come to one of our parties. Heh heh.

And even though everyone (even the fooled) says it is a tasty dish, and I have heard that blood is kind of sweet tasting, I don't eat it. I'll eat 5,000 lumpias (5,000 times better than an eggroll, but compared to all the same) but I won't eat the chocolate meat.

For you brave/curious people, here is a recipe.

AND, as I was searching the internet for said recipe, I found this very funny, very true list of "you know you are Philippino when..." Take a peek my dear readers, and learn a little more about where half of me comes from...

A TEST FOR FILIPINO-NESS: Are You Really Filipino?

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  1. ok. Chocolate meat is not cake. Gross!