Friday, March 24, 2006

An Evening With Meredith which the best line of the night award goes to:
"you know its time to kill yourself when sexual play has deteriorated into hiding bacon in your pussy and asking your boyfriend to try and find it."

Also, we discovered the MEAT TUBE controversy:

click on pic to enlarge, so you can read all about the meat tube

and here's a closeup of the anatomy of a meat tube:

click pic to enlarge so you can learn to identify a meat tube

As a Concerned Citizen, I am writing to my congresspeoples straight away.


  1. Oh, WTF with the WTO???? Too friggin weird!!!! Great post tho...!

  2. yeah, i don't have much to say about the meat tube, except i'm bummed i wasn't the freak who made it up.

    the posters are all up and down hawthorne. good times.

  3. This is just crazy talk. I mean Wacko! Speaking of, I bet Micheal Jackson has a hand in this.

  4. doesn't michael jackson live in the mimddle east somewhere and wear a durka (sp?) now??

    my favorite part of the meat tube conspiracy is the part where after you've fed your meat tube enough table scraps to grow it to the size of a log, you cut off the mouth and anus and eat it! i mean, what the hell is that? its brilliant!