Friday, March 17, 2006

As Black As Your Mother's Teeth

Happy St Patrick's Day

a day when stupid people have an excuse to be sloppy drunk and have sex with strangers in the street.

1/4 of me is appalled that this is how my ancestors are remembered, but what the fuck, they were sloppy drunk all the time too.


  1. With slightly over 1/2 of me stems from these people as well, I have to say that the booze thing is a bit played out. I think this holiday is more of a Catholic Irish celebration, and that the fact that it CAN be celebrated is a point of pride for above mentioned people.

    Now about, these people having sex in the streets... I need phone numbers please!!!

  2. Phone numbers? You can find them, sloppy drunk, at any downtown bar...take your pick!!

    It turns out our family came from N. Ireland, which makes us Protestants, so I guess we don't give a damn about St Patrick's day! My friend with similar ancestry told me that we northerners are supposed to wear orange, and that orignally that's how we were told apart (orange=protestant, green=cathoilic). Orange looks better on me anyway :)

    Actually, it turns out that our family were lowland Scots who were sent to N Ireland to help Protestantize the peoples. Yes, we were British lapdogs sent to colonize the Irish. Now that's pride!

  3. St. Patrick's Day is like. . .Irish New Year, or something, right? That's what a sloppy-drunk-street-sex-having stranger told me.

    BTW - He (St. Patrick) wasn't Irish. He was Welsh born to Roman backwoods aristocrats. He didn't even become Catholic until AFTER he escaped slavery at the hands of Irish pirates, left Ireland, had a bunch of captivity-induced psychotic revelations that he was meant to go back to that Emerald Isle to convert the godless heathens to Chritianity. Hmmph!

    Happy (belated) Irish New Year!

  4. wow! the things i learn from having a blog! thanks jimmysam, for you educational experience. where did you find all that fascinating information?

  5. JS: Hmmm.... It sounds like a movie that Keven Costner or even better Mel Gibson would love to make. Ol' Maewyn Succat would proud. Did you know he is one of the few saints not canonized by the pope! Its thought he was born in the village of Banwen, Wales but nothing can be proven for sure. We do know that he's the patron saint of excluded people, engineers (same difference), and Nigeria.

    ECL: I too have Scottish ancestory who moved to Ireland to Protestantize the joint. They were members of the massive Steele clan (Castle and everything). I guess a couple of the 26 children went over for adventure and a bit of tail. Sounds about right for my family, a bunch of horn-dogs them.

  6. Hey, I'm a member of the massive Steele clan! Maybe we're like, distant drunken inbred cousins or something.

    St Patrick is the patron saint of...Nigeria? Does this mean they are all drunk and sloppy and riot over football games too?

  7. Three words, ECL. . .ENN, PEE, AARRRGGHH!