Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Baking Bible: White Christmas Peppermint Cake

I brought this cake to a holiday party and it was the perfect cake to share with friends. Not just because it was a wonderfully tall and festive cake, but also because it was delicious. The peppermint flavor and the crushed candy canes really made it right for the wintertime.

The cake is a typical Rose butter cake, employing the two-stage method which whips out a cake in minutes. I ran out of cake flour after 100 grams, so the last two thirds of the cake batter was bleached all-purpose flour. I was nervous this would mess up the cake as it has in the past. The cakes did dip in the center but miraculously the cakes were still light and tender in texture.

The recipe makes two 9 in cake layers which are cut in half to make four layers. Festive!

The filling and frosting is the white chocolate buttercream, which starts with making a white chocolate custard. It then needs to cool down enough for it to incorporate with the whipped butter. This took ALL MORNING, which I did not like. I am just way too impatient these days. However, the frosting is really yummy. I wanted to use my super fancy El Rey Icoa White Chocolate but I didn't order it soon enough for the party. So even with basic Whole Foods white chocolate this frosting was a hit.

In between each layer of cake there's a layer of white chocolate buttercream and crushed peppermint candy canes, with a liberal sprinkling of candy canes on top as well. The candy canes soften a bit in the frosting which makes them incorporate into the cake nicely. I was worried they'd be too crunchy or stick in the teeth like candy canes often do.

This definitely goes on the make again list. I bet the all-vanilla variation would make a wonderful and soft white cake.


  1. Beautiful cake Jennifer! I have the two cakes baked and in the frig and the White Chocolate Custard made, also in the frig; I had to taste it and it is DIVINE so far even before the additional butter! I had envisioned my cake to look very similar when complete; Great BLOG and pictures!

  2. Gorgeous! Love your photographs.

  3. I'm so glad you made this--it looks perfect!

  4. The Cake looks wonderful and tall, I did the same , two 9"round pans, nice pictures, happy new year..

  5. Your icing looks so fluffy and delicious. And the candy canes really do make it look pretty.