Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Baking Bible: Renee' Fleming Golden Chiffon Cake

This is a light, moist and lemony chiffon cake and the lemon curd whipped cream is the bomb. I was so happy this was a simpler project, without 5,000 steps or the need of a piping bag. Hooray!

This is another one of Rose's chiffon cakes baked as a single round layer, instead of in a traditional tube pan. Baked this way, the chiffon cake gives a graceful dip which is the perfect bowl for a ton of whipped cream. I cheated and used store bought lemon curd. That is probably why I feel this is a quick and simple recipe.

Sadly I did not notice the recipe calls for UNbleached all purpose flour, and Rose even makes a note that says the unbleached flour is necessary to keep the cake from sinking too much. My cake wasn't very tall, it had sunk already before I pulled it from the oven, and it baked unevenly. Check it out:

Ah well. Honestly, what really matters is how it tastes, and if we like it. Everybody here loves it, including the toddler, and despite being a bit dense, the cake still has a light and airy mouthfeel. (Are we still using that word?)  

A winner all around. Easy and quick, yummy and simple.