Saturday, November 26, 2005

Let Them Eat Cake!

Watched Dr Zhivago for the first time last night (I know, I know, as a Russian major in undergrad I should have seen the damn film over ten years ago, but hey, how many of you can say you've read Crime and Punishment twice). And so it got me seems as though after every "successful" revolution there invaribly comes time for the purge.

And that got me thinking about the American Revolution, and was there any sort of purge/terror/squashing of the loyalists? I certainly can't remember. I may have also been a history major, but my focus was on modern european history. And that was all more than ten years ago. So my rusty little brain can't remember these things anymore.

And if the newly instated us gov't didn't have to silence the opposition, then why?? What made this revolution different?

Since I can't remember anything like a purge...except maybe something to do with the whiskey rebellion....or was that pre-revolution....can't remember....oh soo rusty. Well, anyway.

All I can pull out of my little rusty brain is that, unlike most revolutions, this one was done by the landed gentry. The men with the education and the money, instead of the idealistic students or the angry poor. That's all I can come up with.

So, I thought I'd put this question out to all of you two people who read my you guys have any idea??

I will poke around on the internet for answers, but just thought I'd ask you first.

See, I have more on my mind than cake...but in a twisted way this has everything to do with cake. Off with your head.


Hmm. I'm so tired I just want to cry myself to sleep, but here's an interesting take on american history and The Plight Of The American People:

Goodnight my friends and relations.

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