Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How Lucky For You!

Nov 1 2005
River's Birthday
The Boring (Yet Tasty) Cake
2 layers white cake
frosted with vanilla buttercream

This is a real-time cake post, people. How lucky for you!

I have my teacher's white cake in the oven baking away as we speak. I know, her birthday was yesterday but we are celebrating tonight during class. So there.

I have mild cake anxiety about this one (okay, fine, I ALWAYS have mild cake anxiety). The texture of the batter seemed a little off, a little grainy. And as I was scraping down the bowl I noticed the sides seemed a little greasy, as if the butter didn't really incorporate very well. I'm not sure why this would be. The egg whites were a little old (were frozen a year ago) and the baking powder is getting old...but would that be the reason why the texture would be off and the butter seem to not be incorporated?

However, the batter tasted great. I am using Nielson-Massey's Tahitian Vanilla Extract and this stuff ROCKS. I am in love with this vanilla extract. I would like to take a bath in it.

For the frosting I was planning on making the fancy buttercream with the creme anglaise and italian meringue, but it called for a vanilla bean and I couldn't afford it because I needed to buy another battery for the scale. Priorities. I wanted the scale to work more than I wanted to make the fancy frosting, and money is tight. I'll just make the classic buttercream and dump in some of this lovely vanilla extract. That will just have to do.

More later.

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  1. You always have cake anxiety! I have seen it in action!n I have also seen how you turn into a cake devil and don the hawaiian apron and talk to the cake as it is baking. "hello my pretties..." and all kinds of crazy talk! I know what you are like, Cake Lady!!!! muuahahahahahaa!!!