Monday, June 26, 2006

Everything But The Cake

I decided to really keep this blog cake focused which has been hard for me because other things keep coming up that I want to blog about.

So I started another blog. So please go check it out. There's not much there yet, but be patient, young grasshopper.

In other news, I was going to bake yesterday, but I just couldn't bring myself to turn on the oven. Its too hot to do anything. Whine.


  1. Hi Evil Cake Lady

    I just saw some of your photos on your other blog site - interesting about the Canadian maple syrup that your dad thought could only buy in canada - my ex-girlfriends parents also thought that too and one christmas game me that as one of the christmas gifts - I thought how cool until I went to the store one day and found canadian maple syrup at costcos! I was quite surprised - I'm wondering - you must be Hapa? The woman I met was also Hapa - is there a lot of Hapa people in Oregon? thats very kewl

  2. Hi Kala,
    there are a lot of hawaiians here in portland hapa and otherwise. this is good for me b/c that means there are two restaurants where i can find haupia.

    my mom's family is from the philippines. once of my cousins married a local and they try to go oahu every couple years and a bunch of the family tags along. we usually stay around haleiwa and karl makes us portugese sausage, rice, and eggs every morning. its been a long time since i last tagged along to oahu and i miss going. that's why i thought your blog was so great!