Friday, June 09, 2006

APB for the ECL

It has come to our attention that the "Eat My Cake" blog has been relatively unattended to in the last two weeks. While we assure you that there's probably nothing wrong, reports have comfirmed that the ECL seems to have disappeared. We have put out a general APB in the blogosphere, as well as at for her whereabouts. We suspect she is just recovering from all that cake, microbiology, and whatnot she accrued in the last month. Until the ECL or her spokeperson is found, and can hold a press conference, we can neither confirm nor deny anything that has been said in this document. No questions will be taken at this time. Thank you.
On behalf of the ECL,
Those In Charge.


  1. What a crock. I ate lunch with that trollipy ECL just today!!!!

  2. jensteele10/6/06 01:45

    no, you had lunch with me, you goofer.

  3. ECL is a trollop?


  4. Get her back! Hurry! Send out the spies if need be.