Tuesday, June 27, 2006

102 degrees

I don't like hot weather. I just get lethargic and pissed off.

But I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies. You know, from the recipe on the back of the nestle semi sweet chocolate chip bag.

I took a bunch of photos of the cookies, but then I realized, these are Nestle Toll House cookies, EVERYBODY knows what they look like!

I cleverly whipped up the batter around 8pm and stuck it in the refrigerator until midnight, when the apartment was at a cool 84 degrees. I wanted to make sure that turning on the oven wouldn't melt the kitchen walls, to say nothing of my lightly sauteed brains.

The pleasing thing about baking with refrigerated batter, is that the cookies don't spread out as much so they get crisp on the outside and cakelike in the middle. That's my favorite cookie texture. Don't get me started on soft, chewy (read: paritally raw) cookies. I'm already pissed off because I'm hot, it won't take much for me to throw a tantrum.

I like my cookies to be a little overcooked--not burnt--but a shade darker than golden brown. More sugar has caramelized and they are good that way.

I think that these would be good with a little almond flour substitution. Maybe like, instead of 2.25 cups of flour, 1.25-1.5 cups of flour and 1.0-.75 cups of toasted almond flour. That might rock.


  1. Actually, I prefer the flatter, soft chewy chocolate chip cookie to your hark puck-like cookie.
    Just sayin.
    I am also pissed off and hot so ppppbbbbbbtttt!

  2. I mean hard, not hark.
    Hark! It is a typo! Dammmmit!

  3. yah what-ever cassara.