Monday, February 27, 2006

What To Do With Your Mushy Cake

1. slice cake no thicker than 0.5 inches thick

2. toast in toaster oven at about 400 degrees (if your toast function is working i'd suggest toasting at the med-dark setting)

3. meanwhile, fry up a couple of eggs to your liking

4. if you didn't leave your pork maple breakfast sausage at your friend's house, cook some of them up too

5. plate up everything all nice and pretty

6. take pictures of your breakfast

7. eat said breakfast while uploading your pictures to flickr and your blog. note that the cinnamon has finally landed its jump.

8. thank zetta copiously for the idea of eating your hummingbird poundcake for breakfast

next time i'm omitting the maple syrup and honey, cutting the recipe in half, and making pancakes with the batter.


  1. i can send you the recipe, if'n you like. or, come over for breakfast sometime really soon and bring the sausages.

  2. Rhymes with Steak n' Eggs.

  3. Your layout rocks, I think my pictures are too big on my blog. **Shameless plug**