Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Little Ones

Its been quiet on the cake lady front lately, owing to the fact that I attended two births between Jan 31 and Feb 5....funny, my goal this year was to attend a birth a month, and I start out the year doing two in less than one week. Talk about overachieving.

I've been dealing with this raging sore throat since birth #2 on Sunday. Mild chills and fever on and off. Phlegm in throat getting thicker; today I hocked up some great loogies whilst in the shower. Yeah!

Another doula friend and I were talking about how to predict what kind of laboring mother we would be when the time comes...the grumpy mother, the angry yelling at her husband mother, the crying mother, the quiet (and usually very tense) mother...and what we all aspire to be, the graceful kind of laboring woman who accepts each contraction as it washes over her and lets it open her up smoothly and gently. I have only seen this kind of woman once, but it does give me hope that she really does exist.

And of course, my doula friend says, "How are you when you are sick?"
Me: "Grumpy."
Friend: "Well, there you go."
Me: "Damn!"


  1. It is so good to air your dirty laundry! You rock doula/evil cake lady. Have you thought about being an evil doula?

  2. thanks regenia! and evil doula...i'm afraid of what kinds of couples would be interested in an EVIL doula...