Saturday, January 28, 2006

Love. Health. Sexuality.

I wish I was going to tell you the story of the chocolate hazelnut mousse with the dark chocolate glaze on the chocolate hazelnut shortbread, but I'm not. Instead tonight's story is about what we do for the people we love.

January 27, 2006
Occasion: Stinky Came Down To See Me In The Middle Of The Night
Name of Cake: For The Love of Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
Constituents: Chocolate Bread made with WWPF and milled cane sugar

I think my WWPF is rancid.

Anyway. Decided to make a cake for Stinky as a way to say thank you for deciding at 4 pm to drive down after work and spend the night. The cake was finished by 2 am. He got here around 4 am.

Milled cane sugar. If I’m really going to use it; I need to process it for a few minutes in the food processor because the grains are too large; they don’t dissolve after mixing up the batter. Damn. Lazy and more appliances to wash vs better taste and health. That’s a hard one.

WWPF. Would have been better if it wasn’t rancid. The taste of the old oils in the bran totally overpower the cake. Damn.

Dense cake. Not too bad. Just needs fresher flour.

PS: According to Michel Odent, love, health, and sexuality are all a function of the same biological functions, namely your immune system and your endocrine system. These two systems are so intricately linked, he says, that you can't separate them out in terms of importance on love, health, and sexuality, which he also says are so intricately linked you really can't separate them out, either.)


  1. I think sleeping is also linked to those things, Cassara.
    I am sorry about your cake, though.

  2. Maybe I'm just old and married...I would've been happy to see stinky, but I couldn't bake a cake that late- if I don't get enough sleep....I'm not very compatible....

    Well get some new batches of fixin's and try it again....

    I would like to know about the hazlenut mousse though....perhaps something I could attempt to make on my next break.

  3. Rotten, rotten flour!! That's it!! I'm calling my old friends at ADM and asking them to GM an O for you. Rot-less WWPF?

  4. Everyone, thanks for the old flour sentiments...even if I didn't quite understand them :)

    Zetta, sleeping is linked to those tihngs too, but Mr Odent says that your sleep can be determined by the fxn of your endocrine and immune systems.

    Shimmerer, the hazelnut mousse cake thingy is on the cover of this month's Gourmet magazine. I am attempting to attempt it next week or so.

    Jimmysam, Find me some rot-less WWPF and I'd be happy! Or better yet, make me not lazy so I'll just go to the store and get some! Is that asking too much?

  5. Anonymous8/3/06 15:59

    Rancid flour? Hmmm... all i tasted was love. Good Nubbins!

  6. i love you, stinky. you are the best! ps--don't tell EVERYONE you call me nubbins...