Saturday, January 14, 2006

Eat My Camel

I have been wandering around blogspot looking at other blogs (boredom!) and I stumbled across the blog for the UAE community. From reading the blog, I discovered that there is a doll for the middle east named Fulla who is out selling Barbie. She comes complete with veil and pink prayer rug. They made her look very pretty, and in my opinion, very white. But, hey, I'm all for dolls that represent other cultures; I am very against this world domination of The American Ideal. But enough about my politics.

The reson why I even bring up this blog is that apparently a Viennese chocolatier is making milk chocolates using camel's milk! They are planning on marketing these camel chocolates to wealthy hotel guests in the UAE. I wonder if I can get them mail order. I am just so curious. Has anybody ever tried camel's milk???

Freakin Camel's Milk Chocolate. I love the idea of it.


  1. Eat my camel sounds dirty.

  2. Dirty? >: ) Methinks, it takes one....

    On the other hand the american girl dolls do have a nice variety beyond caucasion. They must be on the right track since extremists wanted to boycott them.

    How about thai style milk or coconut milk...not sure if either is rich enough for cake though.

  3. Zetta,
    And Eat My Cake sounds not dirty? That's the beauty of it.
    I'm not so interested in camel's milk for cake baking (at this point), I just want to try the camel's chocolate! This company also makes a sheep's milk chocolate. Fascinating.

  4. I admit fully finding the dirty in everything.
    Eat my Cake, eat my camel, camel toe...
    see, I can't be trusted!