Friday, October 28, 2005

Sneaking in Lemon Curd Would Be Wrong

My teacher's birthday is on Halloween, which to those of us who know her, makes a lot of sense. She would be born on Halloween.

I am making her a cake, of course, and as per her request I am making a white cake with white frosting.


I am fighting the urge to sneak something interesting into her cake, like a crunchy meringue disc, or raspberry jam or lemon curd, or white chocolate chips, or something, ANYTHING interesting, PLEASE....

She is allergic to chocolate and I love her and respect her and I will happily bake her a fabulous white cake with white frosting, but I get to complain just a little. In all fairness, she also said a banana nut cake would also be good, and I do make a killer sour cream banana cake (nuts would be easy to add) but what do you frost a killer banana cake with but sour cream ganache? Are you seeing the problem here people?

In my teacher's case I totally understand the white/white request, but for all you other white/white lovers who have no dietary reason to choose to enjoy something so boring and unimaginative, I ask you all, WHY? Why you kill me softly with your boring taste?


  1. You have no choice.

  2. You could try coconut or some lifesavers.

  3. Hmmm, lifesavers....definitely not white. But crunchy.

  4. Brains Master2/11/05 20:37

    Why did you not use peeps? Why?

  5. The peeps, my friend, are in the October archives! Keep looking and you shall find them, peepseeker.