Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Eat This

Okay people. This is how it goes: For the last two years I have been obsessively keeping a cake journal of every cake I bake. I bake a lot of freakin cakes for no good reason except that it gives me an excuse to eat a lot of raw batter.

Friends and family love my cakes and so I get asked to bake cakes for them for their birthdays, potlucks, parties, etc. Its great fun and it gives me a chance to experiment...and eat more raw cake batter.

I take no credit for my cake success; I pilfer pretty much every recipe from THE CAKE BIBLE by Rose Levy Beranbaum (hereafter known as The Book). My sister got The Book for me three years ago for Christmas and now my copy is completely beat up: notes in the margins, frosting smeared over pages, pages falling out. I had two pages stuck together with meringue for several months before I ripped them apart to get to a recipe.

I don't make fancy cakes, I don't know how to pipe icing to save my life, I don't work with fondant or sugar flowers or any kind of hoohah like that. I just make good, damn good, cakes with tasty frostings.

So this blog is all about my cakes: what I baked, why I baked, how it tasted, tricks I've learned, info to pass on, incessant rambling about nothing in particular, etc etc etc. Like I said I have two years worth of cakes that I may try to post here...maybe I won't. I'm new to this blogging thing. Maybe I should obsessively keep a journal about blogging.


  1. Hey, keep up the great work with the blog!

    ~ Rebecca
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  2. My first real comment! Thanks and stuff!

  3. I love your blog already!!!!
    I can't wait for my next cake!!!
    Cake me, baby!!
    ok. ahem.

  4. Hey, nice cakes. sadly, my taste bud interfacer software sorta sucks, so.... what do you recommend for a cakeless colorado cowboy? My friends only make lentils.

    Can you have an advice column on your blog?

  5. Um, what kind of advice would you want on this blog? Tips and tricks for cakes that rock?

    Maybe I can get all metaphysical on your ass and make all sorts of parallels between our lives and cake baking: "We are all just a bunch of ingredients, waiting to get mixed up and blasted with heat to become something yummier than the sum of our parts. Go find your inner baking powder and rise to the occasion!"

    Just say the word and I'll mail you a cake for a small one time fee.

  6. Curious minds want to know, whats the fee?????

  7. The depends on many factors: how much I like you, how much of a pain in the ass your cake will be, how serious you are about really wanting me to mail you one, and how lazy I am feeling at the time.