Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Peepariffic Party Playtime

the peeps are alive with the sound of music

I'm posting this one only because I love how the cake looks. I began hoarding peeps right after Easter so that I could get them cheap (cheep?). The majority of them were really hard by the time I put them on the cake--nobody really ate the peeps. But everybody took a turn throwing them all over the yard. Who knew peeps could provide hours of entertainment?

April 24 2004
Meredith’s Birthday
Peeps and Fluff Cake (its peepariffic!)
2 layers chocolate fudge cake
filled with marshmallow fluff
frosted with light whipped ganache
peeps bunnies in blue and purple along the sides of the cake and peep chicks in yellow in a circle on the top

I baked the cake layers a couple of days early and didn’t cover them well in the refrigerator; they got dry. They also didn’t rise very high; maybe I need new baking powder. Or better cake pans. I really want better cake pans.

The freakin marshmallow fluff fools you into thinking it would make good cake filling, but the awful truth is that it can’t take the pressure and oozed out the sides of the cake until I finally frosted the damn thing. There was fluff everywhere. And I used an entire jar to fill the cake! It also encouraged the top layer to try and slide off the bottom one. Note to self: if you are going to fill a cake with fluff, you have to frost right away! When it was served, there was barely any fluff to distinguish the layers.

The ganache hardened quicker than I was ready for it; but boy it stopped that cake from sliding apart! I think I had a little left over; ate it a month later with fresh strawberries, yum.

It was peeparific!

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