Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Baking Bible: Giant Jam Cookie

This giant cookie really does impress, and would be a fun way to finish a meal with a bunch of people. It is a bit fiddly with lots of refrigeration or freezer breaks, so you need to plan accordingly.

The cookie dough is a simple sugar cookie, whizzed up in the food processor. After a brief kneading, the dough is split in half and both parts get chilled for up to three days. I got back to the dough after a day or two.

Then here come the shenanigans. Half of the dough is rolled out big enough for a 12 inch circle to get cut; this gets inverted onto a cookie sheet and chilled for a bit. The other half of the dough gets rolled out the same, inverted and reinverted onto a cookie sheet and chilled for a bit. Then that second cookie gets scored lightly into 12 pie slices and little cutouts are made in every other slice. I scored with a heavy hand, as I cut all the way through a couple of times. The dough is supposed to be frozen until rigid to help get the cutouts out without mangling anything, but apparently 12 inches is too wide for my freezer. So I simply chilled the cookie in the refrigerator for a couple hours hoping that would be enough. Then I mangled out all the little cutouts--I chose gingerbread men as the only little cookie cutters I have are a little holiday set. The cutouts and the cookie went back into the refrigerator for several hours--it was supposed to go in the freezer until rigid.

I apparently had a difficult time making 12 even slices
 Then it was time to concentrate the raspberry jam for the filling. Except I didn't buy enough raspberry jam so had to pad it out with strawberry jam. It took awhile to cool down to room temperature, but it was a pretty easy step.

Once the jam cools down, you spread it on the other giant cookie. Then the top cookie, which should be frozen, should slide onto the top of the raspberry jam. Since my cookie wasn't frozen it kind of slid, and split where I had scored all the way through, and I sort of pieced it back together well enough. The outsides are crimped together with a fork, then the cookie, now a giant jam sandwich, goes back in the refrigerator for a chill. I chose to chill it overnight.

From here on out, the cookie just needs to be baked which was easy as pie. Or a cookie that looks like a pie.

I opted for a light powdered sugar dusting after the cookie was baked and cooled, then the cookie is cut all the way through and ready to serve. It is a delicious cookie, especially if you like jam. Mark kind of wanted blackberry jam or blueberry something but we are still enjoying it all the same.

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  1. It looks great! Blackberry does sound good or those wonderful Oregon Marionberries!