Monday, October 17, 2016

The Baking Bible: The Araxi Lemon Cream Tart

When I think of a lemon tart I think of lemon curd in a cookie crust. Which means, I will probably think of other things to do than make it myself because I get impatient making lemon curd. I will probably just make this delicious lemon tart instead, since it is wonderfully creamy and lemony without making a lemon curd!

In fact, this is very simple tart to make. The cookie crust can be blended in the food processor in a snap. I decided to screw the rolling out of the dough and simply pressed it out in the pan. I didn't even refrigerate it first! This step took a bit of time but I much preferred it to chilling and rolling. Go figure.

After pressing the dough into the pan, I did chill it for a couple of hours before blind baking. And, after blind baking and sealing the crust with an egg white, I slid the whole 9 in tart pan into a ziploc bag and chilled it overnight.

The lemon filling is quite simple to make. Lemon juice, sugar, and eggs are whisked together in a bowl. Heavy cream is whipped until it mounds softly and then folded into the lemony stuff. Then some lemon zest is added. Now the fililng chills for 30 min, which will cause it to separate a bit, then it is poured into the tart lan and baked.

My tart shell shrunk a little so there was more filling than could fit reasonably into the pan. I didn't want to waste any filling so I poured the rest into a small custard cup and baked it alongside the tart in a water bath. We ate that one right away.

The tart filling did exactly what Rose said it would do: there's a thin spongy layer on top of a creamy lemon layer. This is a delightful dessert.         


  1. Ah, I must have missed that part of the recipe that said it would separate into two layers... so much easier than lemon curd tart.

    Your tart looks brilliant - perfectly baked.

  2. Gorgeous! Like your step of pressing the dough into the pan. I've been procrastinating because I simply haven't been able to face rolling out the dough...

  3. I love lemon curd, but the stirring does seem to go on forever.