Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Baking Bible: Sour Cherry (supposed to be blueberry) Buckle

I like the idea of this buckle. It is essentially pie filling with a thin sour cream cake top. It reminds me of the Lemon Pudding Cake a little bit, probably just because of the thin cake top. Although this cake top has much more flavor and better texture than that one.

Technically the recipe calls for fresh blueberries--a lot of fresh blueberries--and there just aren't many of those around these parts right now. But I did have a full bag of sour cherries in the freezer so I decided to use them. Since the cherries were frozen, I decided to defrost the fruit and then, following the measurements and directions for the sour cherry pie, cooked it on the stove with the sugar and cornstarch until thick. Then I poured the filling into my 8x8 baking dish and made the cake topper.

The cake topper is a simple sour cream butter cake, which is my favorite kind of cake even when in a thin little layer on top of fruit. Especially when on top of fruit! The batter is plopped onto the fruit in a doughnut-shaped circle and then the whole thing goes into the oven to bake.

Rose gives a temperature of the baked cake, which I decided to ignore but I am warning you not to. My cake was nicely browned on top and looked perfectly done, but the middle was oozy underneath.I didn't really mind, but it's not the prettiest.

a bit oozy

We all loved it. I thought we could call it cakepie, because that's sort of what it is but the name didn't stick. Ah well.


  1. Sour cherry was brilliant! I just love this recipe.

  2. what about piecake or pieake?! lovely idea sour cherries. i bet peaches and nectarines would also be delish!

  3. Peaches and nectarines sounds heavenly! I'm eagerly waiting for summer fruit! I think piecake is the best.

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