Monday, May 02, 2016

The Baking Bible: Crumpets

I cannot hear the word "crumpet" without thinking of Crumpet the Elf , which is no help when making crumpets from scratch. My only experience with crumpets is when, sometime in my teens, my dad brought home a package of crumpets he had found at the store. My sister and I asked him if they were out of Thomas' English Muffins. Which we decided we preferred.

However the batter for this yeasted bread which is cooked on a griddle is really simple, and as published just makes six so it seems like an easy thing to try out. And double or triple, if you end up liking them. I think I like them, but I would like to make them again before I decide for sure. I had no idea crumpets weren't meant to be split open like an english muffin and that the holes formed while griddling are supposed to go all the way through. So, my crumpets didn't come out as well as I thought. Plus, my batter only yielded 5 crumpets and we ate three of them right away which were good. But the last crumpet which I ate that afternoon, had much more interesting flavor. So, I'd like to try again. But cooking them on the griddle was fun.


wherefore art thou, oh sixth crumpet?

insides. that you're not supposed to see.

with butter and strawberry jam


  1. you got a great texture. if you were able to split them in half i'll bet they were higher than usual so that's where the missing 6th would be! so glad you liked them.

    1. thanks, Rose! i'm excited to try them again.

  2. They look great Jennifer! Now, who is this Crumpet the Elf? Is he a cousin of Elf On The Shelf?

  3. I like the idea of spitting them - that way you get double (so you really made 10) and you can get them nice and crisp in the toaster.