Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Baking Bible: My (Rose's) Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookies with a 30 minute rest on the left, cookies with a 24 hours rest on the right

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. I pretty much love all chocolate chips cookies, especially those that are homemade.

These are good, too. I mean, they're chocolate chip cookies!

Rose has made these her own by using beurre noisette for the butter. I clarify a pound of butter at a time and freeze the extra, which means for this recipe I only needed to chip off the proper weight and leave it overnight to thaw. Toasted, skinned walnuts also make an appearance, and although I hate nuts in my chocolate chip cookies these were fine. However I would most likely skip them next time!

Ever since the amazing David Leite 72 hour cookie, I've been using Guittard wafers instead of chocolate chips. Especially when warm, the chocolate is so yummy.

The dough, after mixing, is refrigerated for a bit to firm up. There is the option of baking after 30 minutes, and after 12 to 24 hours. I decided to bake half the dough one way and half the dough the other way.

Interestingly, the cookies baked after 30 minutes are described in the book as softer and rounder, while the 24 hour cookies are supposed to be flatter and crisper. The exact opposite was true for my cookies! So for us, it will be the 24 hour cookie, which is pillowy, cakey, and delicious.  


  1. "pillowy, cakey, and delicious"-that's exactly how I like chocolate chip cookies, too but I've never met one I'd turn down even if it's flat as a pancake. I haven't come across the Guittard wafers so thanks for the heads up. I love their cocoa powder. C certainly is for your great looking cookies!

  2. Well, they both look good, but if I were to pick, I'd choose the 24 hour cookies. I really like the puffy cookie best, with just a little crisp to them. Thanks for your comment on my post BTW. It was nice to receive.

  3. Now I want some cookies too.. and cheesecake.. lol! Your cookies look so tempting..calling out my name..