Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Baking Bible: Lemon Cranberry Tart Tart

I'll be brief here. I'm watching Downton Abbey as I write this!

This is a very delicious tart, but it is a bit tart. I like that! You need to love lemon curd to enjoy this pie. And tart things.

I had already made some ginger-cranberry sauce (the child likes it) so I just used that. The ginger really gave the tart a nice warm punch. I think it will be a keeper. In case you're curious, I loosely base my recipe on Martha's (we skip the vinegar, use honey instead of sugar and do it all to taste which probably means more ginger and less sweetener).

extreme close up!


  1. Gorgeous! Your crust looks perfect. I love ginger so will definitely add these to the notes. Great pics.

  2. Beautiful tart! Ya..I remembered this tart as very tart! That's why I dare not bake it again.

  3. Thanks Vicki and Faithy! It is quite tart, which I love, but I am having trouble with how rich it is!

  4. wow look so inviting beautiful!

  5. Wow, that is so beautiful! Ginger sounds like a great addition.