Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Baking Bible: Marble in Reverse Cake

I've been looking forward to this cake since I made my first reverse marble during the test bake. I love, love, LOVE, Rose's sour cream bundt cakes. Dense, rich, melt-in-your-mouth cakey goodness.

Here's my test bake:

Now do you understand why I've been eagerly waiting to bake it again?

Sadly, I discovered that this isn't a toddler-friendly cake making experience. The batter must be layered in the pan in a specific way with specific amounts, as quick as possible. What this means is that the toddler decided he needed me to pick him up right as I started layering batter into the pan. So I layered the batter into the pan with a crying child standing next to me. Oh well, not all baking experiences will be fun!

Surprisingly, the marbling came out pretty good.

And it tastes fantastic.

The chocolate glaze is actually more white chocolate than dark chocolate, and somehow tastes like a mellow milk chocolate. I tried to wait until it was cool enough but I couldn't. So the glaze doesn't lok that wonderful. But it is yummy.

How many more ways can I say I love this cake? Here's a quote from my test bake:
"Oh how I love a sour cream bundt. Dense, moist, tight tender crumb, with a little tang. This cake is everything I love about cake. I was worried the ganache glaze would be too much or overpower everything but it didn't. All that white chocolate in the glaze keeps it from being too rich or heavy. Who knew?"


  1. I wish I loved it as much as you do. That first photo in particular make it look delish. And the marbelling looks great on the second cake despite the screaming toddler.

  2. I feel exactly the way you do--I love love love this cake too. Everything about it. And your beauty pic is gorgeous. Beautiful highlights. I looks really delicious.

  3. Whatever you did to layer this cake with a crying child on hip worked like a charm! The marbling is fantastic. How does it feel to be the inspiration for one of Rose's cakes? That's pretty impressive.

  4. Wow, your cake looks great! I want to reach right through the screen and take a slice. ;)

  5. very nice results! i wish to see how you layered perfectly your cake .