Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Baking Bibile: Butter Spritz Cookies

This is preview of what your holiday cookie baking could look like. If, that is, you have a holiday cookie baking tradition.

Here are Rose's Spritz Butter Cookies, clumsily piped out by me and sprinkled very heavily by me and the toddler. (Mostly me.)

They whizz up in the food processor super quickly. The trick of this particular recipe is the substitution of cornstarch for some of the flour which Rose says makes them a bit more light and delicate. I didn't have any cornstarch left and I thought about subbing tapioca starch but then chickened out and just replaced the flour the cornstarch replaced.

I got annoyed with how long it took for me to clumsily pipe out the cookies, and you can bet the toddler got annoyed too. Having a toddler has highlighted just how impatient I can get. These cookies bore the brunt of our annoyance. Sorry, cookies.

They are good. The slight almondy taste (from the ground almonds and almond extract) are nice. Perhaps the heavily sprinkled sprinkles are marring the delicate taste because I am putting these into the "good but not great category."



  1. They look nice! I chickened out and didn't pipe them at all.

  2. Dream cookies for toddlers!