Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cookie's Go-To Birthday Cake

Cookie turned 29 (again) on tax day, and with her brother and his family in town her mother cooked up a big dinner to celebrate. I was invited as well, since I was bringing her birthday cake. Mrs Tran must have enjoyed the cake because she told me I could come over for dinner anytime I wanted.

April 15, 2011
Name of Cake: White on White, part four
Occasion: Cookie's 29th Birthday....again
Constituents: two 9 inch layers White Velvet Cake filled with Cookie's homemade Cordon Rose Strawberry Conserves, frosted with her favorite crispy white frosting

That damn frosting. It is the basic frosting of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract (I doubled the amount of extract from the recipe I published here) and in this case, water instead of milk. It is so sugary sweet. This version I think crusted over the best of any I have done because I used water instead of milk to thin it out. I only have whole milk in the house and whole milk prevents crusting. This frosting is usually thick and paste-like which makes frosting a delicate cake when you're already late for the party a little troublesome. I decided to thin it out even more by adding more water, which unfortunately curdled the whole thing. I thought about warming it up and seeing if that would help, but I was out of time so I left it curdled. I have to say it was easier to frost the cake as it was softer, but maybe the proper solution would be to keep the butter/frosting around 70 degrees instead of adding more liquid.

The cake was easy to put together, and baked up nicely. I've baked this cake so many times I really don't have much else to say about it.

white velvet cake with homemade strawberry conserves and crispy white frosting
not the best photo...but you get the idea

Cookie gave me a jar of her beloved strawberry jam for filling the cake. I am guessing it was a 12 oz jar and it was the perfect amount. Cookie (and her husband Cabbage) picked the strawberries and she canned them herself so she's very attached to her strawberry jam. So much so that even though I had plenty of my own hand-picked and canned Cordon Rose Strawberry Conserve to use she insisted I use hers. I can't blame her for being so proud of her product.

When I arrived at Cookie's dinner party, her niece and nephews asked with trepidation if the cake had alcohol in it. I am guessing they weren't allowed any of Mrs Tran's Rum Raisin Cake and were worried it would happen again. They danced around with excitement when I told them there was no alcohol, and thus began the countdown to cake.

white velvet cake with homemade strawberry conserves and crispy white frosting
another mediocre photo but the cake was good I SWEAR
 It was a good cake. Although I enjoy a white cake, as you all know I prefer something more rich and dense like an all-egg yolk cake. I loved the combination of the strawberries with the soft white cake, and well, you know how I feel about the frosting. But Cookie loved it, and that's all that matters. Happy birthday my fine crusty friend!

How many times has Cookie turned 29?
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2008: White on White, part one
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  1. it looks delicious!

  2. Thanks Vicki! I wish I had taken better pictures of it, but oh well.

    Jane, it was delicious!

  3. ECL, that's a mighty big knife (axe) for cutting the cake! I think it's one of those weapons used to cut chicken (or pineapples), right?

    I'm so amazed that you keep making this frosting despite your dislike. You're such a good friend.