Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ode To A Tiny Kitchen

Thank You, Tiny Kitchen

The Gateau Breton was the last thing I will have baked in my kitchen before I pack it up and move into the new apartment. I would just like to say thank you, tiny kitchen, for the 5 years of baking extravaganzas you have supported.

And for anyone using the excuse that your kitchen is too small to do any baking, then think again.

aaand we're out of counter space

In this kitchen, with that little counter space, I began my attempts to make pie dough:

Look!  I Made Turnovers!

Gluten free pie dough:

heavenly apple pie

Gluten free cake:

GF cupcake!

The first pre-lazy baker project:

drippy gooey caramel

A ridiculous guitar shaped cake (with help from Joelf):

Victorian Rock 'n' Roll Guitar Heroes

These two celebration cakes:

engraduation cakes

And this wedding cake:

julie and noah's wedding cake!

Thank you, tiny kitchen, for all the baked goods you helped me create over the years, and for all the people you've helped me nourish with sweet celebrations and laughter.


  1. I hope your new kitchen serves you just as well as your old one did!

  2. I actually working in a tiny kitchen like that for a few years, so I know the challenges it presents. Bravo to you for turning out consistently wonderful baked goods!

    I hope your next kitchen is more roomy.


  3. Such gorgeous things you've made in this cozy kitchen! Beautiful wedding cake.

  4. Teeny tiny! You sure packed a lot in and out of that kitchen.

    I thought that was a picture of a cake topped with baked beans! Relieved that it was caramelized peanuts...

    Good luck with the move. My commiserations. At times of moving house I always wished that I had taken a vow of austerity and shed all my worldly possessions.

  5. We salute you teeny tiny kitchen. You are a baking Tardis marvel!

  6. Amanda, thanks! Me too.

    ButterYum, my next kitchen is more roomy, but I am filling it up fast!

    Vicki, thanks! That one was fun to put together.

    Nicola, hmmm, baked beans on cake? Yes, I keep looking at all my stuff and wondering where all this stuff came from! I look forward to being on the other side of this move.

    Melinda, if only it could fly me and my friends through time and space! Oh well.

  7. I'm leaving a big kitchen for a tiny one. Your photos inspire me to not store my very needed baking gear. Best wishes in yur new kitchen!

  8. Jennifer,
    All the memories will always be with you of what you accomplished in your little kitchen and boy did you accomplish beautiful cakes!

  9. Okay, I teared up! Actually I cried a little. Looking at those photos brought back a lot of incredible memories. Thanks for all of your baking! Mostly, thanks for all of the good talks we had whilst baking and eating the spoils! I love you!

  10. Gluten Free, Thanks, and best wishes to you in yours! I'm glad you will be keeping your baking gear close at hand.

    Oriana, thank you!

    Joelf, aw, you would cry. You're so sentimental! We had A LOT of fun in this apartment--you can be my roommate anytime! But 'man has to sleep outside.

    Just kidding. Only Dana, when he comes to visit.

    Love you too! Watch out for jumpsuits!

  11. Now, here's the proof that great kitchen helps in producing great foods.

    - Tera

  12. Have you made that freakin' huge trifle for your birthday, yet?
    Hope you celebrate large!
    Happy Birthday Jennifer! I wish I could help celebrate with you and eat some of that huge trifle!
    (I LOVE trifle...custard, fruit, jelly= hyperglycaemic smile!)

  13. Some of my very best baking got created in my very tiny kitchen.
    I guess, less distraction equals concentrated dedication ;o)
    Great for you to have made this gluten-free pie dough. I'll take it with me to try.
    BTW...I linked your gluten-free cannoli recipe in my latest post. It was very interesting for me to share it with my readers. Thank you.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia