Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to Do With Leftover 7 Minute Frosting

i found this languishing as a draft and thought it was entertaining. i remember being really excited about discovering seven minute frosting. this was written in april 2008.

seven minute frosting

1. smear on spicy gingersnap cookies, and toast the fluff with your new butane torch

2. smear on your roommate's box brownies that he frosted with one of your frozen tubs of egg white chocolate buttercream

3. eat straight out of the tub--not too much though

4. toasted fluffer nutter sandwiches! (my personal favorite, so far)

5. use as a topper to your ibarra hot chocolate

6. wonder when this stuff goes bad

homemade fluffer nutter


  1. Number 3 is good. Number gets gritty granule texture and won't come away from the bowl any more.

    It would be good done as smores!

  2. Melinda, thank you! Now I know when enough is enough. I totally agree on the s'mores point!

  3. I share your enthusiasm for 7 minute frosting!
    I bought a butane torch just for this frosting.
    Great ideas for leftovers.

  4. lanier, thanks! i bought my torch just for this frosting, too. that torch sure is fun!

  5. Interesting ideas! I've yet to try how 7 min frosting taste like..everything i reach that..i'll add in the butter..LOL! I've a blow torch but not used it yet..i'm a bit afraid to use it..LOL!

  6. faithy, 7 min frosting tastes like marshmallow fluff, and takes to being toasted like a marshmallow. the torch is fun! i was nervous the first time i used it; i thought as soon as i turned it on the torch would blow up in my face. but it didn't, and toasting the cake was really enjoyable. do try!

  7. TOASTED Fluffer Nutter... Hmmm... thanks for the idea!


  8. Great post! I will definitely try them next time. My favorite use is to sandwich it between two peanut-butter cookies. A fluffernuter in cookie form.