Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lazy Bakers, No Rules: Rum-Vanilla Cream Pie

The August project for the Lazy Bakers, No Rules Club was this creamy looking, whipped cream covered, rum infused pie from Martha Stewart. I am all about creamy goodness, especially when there's a little kick of liquor.

September 15, 2008
Name of pie: Martha's Rum-Vanilla Cream Pie
Occasion: The Englishman is Back, and I've Gotta Catch Up
Constituents: Rum-Vanilla Cream Pie in a Pate Brisee Crust with Rum Whipped Cream

rum-vanilla cream pie

You all know how I feel about making pie crust. I am terrified of it.

But after last week's peach pie and before this coming weekend's chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting (which I could eat all in its own) I decided to squeeze in the rum-vanilla pie.

Why you might ask? Joelf's friend The Englishman from Manchester, who stayed with us in July, has come back around for a couple of days. The Englishman was a lot of fun last July, and of course I am a little smitten with his cheeky English accent. (I am smitten with ANY KIND of accent. I can't help it.) He's staying with us in our little guest room/cave and what better way to welcome a guest then with a liquor-infused pie? (Plus this means there are more people around to help eat it!)

So despite my pie crust terror, Martha's recipe for pate brisee seemed pretty easy. All you do is food process flour, butter, a teeny bit of sugar and salt together with enough ice water to hold the dough together. Then you shape the dough into a couple of discs and refrigerate for a while. There seemed to be few places I could screw it up.

I made the dough last night and rolled it out this morning. That seemed to go okay, so after another rest in the refrigerator I blind baked the crust. Which also seemed to go okay.

rum-vanilla cream pie

Cooking the pie filling was fairly uneventful. I scraped as many vanilla seeds out of the pod with my fingernail as I could (which was pretty much all--I was a little obsessed) and cooked the milk, cornstarch and sugar in my favorite saucier. It took 5,000 years for the mixture to boil, but it finally did. I went ahead and heeded BBC's advice about not forgetting to put the filling back on the stove after whisking in the yolks. Another 5,000 years later the filling finally came back to a boil, so I pulled it off the heat, added the rum and butter, and let it sit for 10 minutes. After sitting for 10 minutes I poured the filling into the pie shell and stowed it in the refrigerator.

rum-vanilla cream pie

(the next day)

Holy crap, people, this pie is SO GOOD. I am a fan of all things creamy, and this certainly fills the bill. Several of us dug into the pie last night after an Indian dinner, and it was better than the Indian dinner.

Martha wanted me to pipe the rum whipped cream as stars onto the top of the pie, but she must not know me very well, because I am not a Piper. I basically frosted the top of the pie with the whipped cream and everybody was happy. Take that, Martha!

rum-vanilla cream pie

I will say however that the pie crust was a little like cardboard. I'm working on it, but damn if pie crust hasn't got me all in a twist. I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT. Dangit.

In the meantime, I will help myself to another piece of pie.

rum-vanilla cream pie

Read about BBC's misadventures with Martha's pie.
Read about Pinknest's beautful pie, and get the recipe!


  1. Congratulations, it looks gorgeous!
    I do feel inspired looking at its silky vanilla seed peppered texture. Mmmm.
    I hope you told the Mancunian, it was a custard tart with rum. Custard tarts are big here. (I like Marks and Sparks the best)
    I am so behind everyone now!

    My word verification is voooca. I like that.

  2. Thanks Melinda! If you are a fan of all things creamy like I am, then you'd better get on it :)

    Mancunian, eh? At first I thought you were talking about Mennonites or something. That shows you my level of intelligence.

    I don't remember what we told him the pie was about, but he ate it all the same.

    I look forward to seeing your pie, darlin'!

  3. ECL,
    Beautiful pie! Your second in a row. Maybe you will have to become the EPL.
    As I have been told I must put my pie failure to rest, I will not compare your effort with mine, but I will say it looks so good I may have to try it again.

  4. Thanks BBC! Mind you, my pie crust for both the peach and vanilla-rum are not very good. Maybe we should team up--you can make the crust and I'll stand over the stove for an hour waiting for the milk to boil?

    Maybe a pie do-over would be a good way to put the pie soup to rest.

    And I have already found the EPL! That girl can make a pie. Plus, I am a cake girl at heart.

    What are we baking next? *rubs hands together in anticipation*

  5. gorgeous!!! my pie is all gone and now i'm longing for more. it's funny, my mixture was so quick to boil! all it's popping bubbles frightened me. oh but yes, it was a lusciously rummy pie.

    regarding the pie crust...how much water did you add? it's sometimes hard to gauge, but the less water and less manhandling and stretching/rolling of the pie crust makes it flakier. oh! and make sure you still see bits of butter in the dough! but who cares, because the filling is ridiculously yummy. bravo!

  6. pinknest, thanks for the advice! i think i did manhandle the dough more than necessary. i can't help it; i am tactile and like fun textures! sigh. i will learn.

  7. I tried to leave this comment the other night, but screwed up and lost it. Soooo, this pie was really good!!! I'm not even a cream pie fan, but the rummy vanillaey flavor was delicious!!!!and smooth!!!!!!! The evil one needs to stop or i'm not going to be able to fit into my clothes!!!!!!!!

  8. Looks yummy! I like Martha's pate brisee recipe. I use it for everything. It makes a really good crust for quiche.

    Good for you, hanging in there with the pies!

  9. Joelf, I'm glad you liked the pie, homes. Just keep walking up the hill; you'll be alright.

    Раичка, thanks darling!

  10. mmm, that looks Yummy! With all of your vanilla bean desserts, you're making me want to do something vanilla-ish. But today I'm making a blackberry pie...wish me luck on the crust. I will need it! I think I will go with Rose's recipe today, even though I have often failed at it in the past. Someday it is bound to work out well...

  11. good luck aldaigle! the blackberries have looked beautiful at the markets. i know how you feel about them crusts. let us know it turns out for you.

  12. OK, I followed rose's recipe for basic flaky pie crust (buttermilk variation) in excruciating detail, including reading the entire chapter on pie crusts. And it was FABULOUS! I'm so pleased to finally make a good crust, and all it took was following RLB's every word, no shortcuts or substitutions. Imagine that. Also, I picked my own blackberries...Triple Crown from Smith Berry Barn, and they were the most amazing things I've ever had. The size of walnuts, and so sweet, you can't imagine. Anyhoo, try Rose's crust!

  13. Oh Amanda, I have tried following RLB's crust directions many times, but to no success. However, I'm glad it worked for you!

  14. That's a shame...I've made her recipe before also, and it only worked one other time. Maybe it was just a fluke success! Anyway, at least you're skilled in cakes, your dessert of preference. I started a chocolate blog today, if you're interested: http://amandasadventuresinchocolate.blogspot.com/
    I'll probably talk about other desserts I make as well. For awhile, anyway...we'll see if anybody reads! Looking forward to seeing your finished wedding cake...

  15. amanda, your chocolate blog looks great...so much chocolate! i am definitely a chocolate amateur.

    even though you didn't ask, i have a few pointers about starting a blog and getting readers (like i have tons!):
    1. keep posting, even when you don't think anybody is reading
    2. comment on other people's blogs often
    3. keep posting, seriously. don't give up. eventually people will find you.
    good luck! and thanks for the link!

  16. Thanks...I appreciate the advice and support! :)

  17. huh...it took me this long to figure out how you knew my name...I hadn't realized that google had switched my ID from aldaigle to Amanda (I am not the sharpest tack...). Must have happened when I started the blog. Anyway, just wanted to make sure you knew it was the same person making comments to you, which you probably did!! Because you're probably a little quicker on the uptake than I am...

  18. Actually, i thought aldaigle was somebody called "Al Daigle." Until you outed yourself I had no idea who this Amanda person was or how she had found me!

  19. well then, I'm glad I figured it out and said something! I"m sure you were wondering why this random person was sending you a link to her blog. You and my sister both encouraged me to try it, so I definitely have you to thank.