German Chocolate Cake

I almost skipped this one, as I have made the cake component many times before (like two weeks ago for the wedding) and I made The Goop back when the bake along was just Marie, baking along. So technically I could call this recipe made, but because I am a rule follower and a joiner, I went ahead and squeezed this cake in before I left for a long weekend.

(And I regret to say, no photos. I forgot!!)

August 09, 2011
Name of Cake: The Hermione
Occasion: HCB, and a summer potluck
Constituents: two 9 in cakes filled and topped with the goop, a coconut-pecan-condensed milk frosting. optional ganache for the sides.

I just pulled the cakes from the oven but I can already tell you how this tastes.

The cakes are moist, slightly spongy and nicely chocolatey. This cake is a real crowd pleaser.

The goop is the best goop recipe I've tried--and I've tried a lot. It is easier than all others I've used, and yields something smooth, rich, and buttery with just the right amount of coconut and pecans. Goop lovers will be very pleased.

Since the cake was gong to rest overnight, I very thinly frosted the sides with the rest of the leftover Midnight Ganache that I defrosted for the top tier of the wedding cake. A very thin layer is just the right amount for this cake.

Coleen invited me to her home for a summery potluck, and to meet her niece, Rebecca, her niece's husband and their little baby. The niece and her family live in France and this was a rare trip to the States. Rebecca said excitedly to me, "I miss cake. I love cake, and I MISS IT." We gave her the first slice and she looked at it closely, approvingly bounced her finger on one of the cake layers, and dug in. You guys, that kind of appreciation for cake is much respected around this blog. I told Coleen if there were any leftovers her niece needed to keep them. Rebecca asked me if I delivered cakes to France. I said hells yeah, as long as I got a plane ticket to personally deliver the cake.

I had to run home soon after as I needed to pack and get ready for my trip. So I didn't get to ask Rebecca--what, no cake in France? Maybe she means she misses American-style cake, and if so this German Chocolate Cake is as American as it gets.

Marie posted the recipe on her blog, way back in the beginning of the bake through.


  1. Too bad there's no pic, but your story made up for it! Rebecca probably meant American style cake. Glad your cake is a hit. And it's so funny that you called the frosting Goop (it fits!).

  2. What's American Style cake? Butter cake? No butter cakes in France? Enquiring minds need to know...

  3. Jenn, I know. Once i was at the potluck I kicked myself repeatedly for forgetting my camera. Alas.

    Amanda, yeah I'm thinking she meant our classic butter cakes with american buttercream (powdered sugar, butter, milk). I regret not asking as much as I regret forgetting my camera.

  4. I mean, 17 years ago I passed through Paris and spent a few days in Marseilles, but we ate pain au chocolat, not cake.

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  6. (insert applause here) Way to be dedicated and make it again anyway!

  7. Anonymous19/8/11 23:37

    I love too that "German Chocolate Cake is as American as it gets". I wondered a bit about it because Rose refers to it as if it is quite a common cake, and then nice to hear the whole researchy bit from Lois about how it got named.

  8. From your description, I can almost taste the cake. It's definitely on my todo list (sans goop though). Have fun on your trip!


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