Many Splendored Quick Bread

I will confess that I was mighty skeptical about this quick bread. I don't find the photo in the book appealing and was put off by all the ingredients. So I am pleased to say that I thought it tastes much better than it looks. And the doulas ate it up in minutes flat.

many splendored quick bread

October 11, 2010
Name of cake: everything quick bread
Occasion: HCB and doula meeting
Constituents: carrot/zucchini/banana/oatmeal quick bread with walnuts

I like zucchini bread, I like banana bread. But zucchini/banana/carrot/oatmeal bread? Cookie thought it sounded good, I wasn't so sure.

However, I was pleased at how easy this bread came together. Mushing a banana, grating carrots and zucchini? Simple. Toasting nuts and rubbing off their skins? No problem.

Surprisingly, the bread was moist and substantial, but I wouldn't call it dense. Call it the magic of baking, I am unsure.

many splendored quick bread

Cookie came over and knit her mother's shawl while I put the baked the quick bread. After letting it cool for about 20 minutes, we tried a slice. Cookie was a little disappointed; she thought it was a little bland. After having that experience with the pumpkin muffins a couple of days earlier, I felt that the bread would probably come into its own once it cooled down. Which it did.

I sliced the loaf and brought it over to the doula meeting. I may not be a doula anymore, but I still like to go to the meetings every once in a while. It is good to see the girls and learn the latest in breastfeeding research or hospital policy. These girls dived into the quick bread as soon as it crossed the threshold (they were hungry) and only crumbs were left at the bottom of the basket. They enjoyed the bread, as did I. However, in the quick bread world I think I'm a traditionalist and would prefer a straight up banana bread, no walnuts necessary.

many splendored quick bread


  1. This was the first thing I made out of HC, and it didn't really do it for me. I definitely prefer banana bread. And rich chocolaty desserts! I didn't know you were done doulaing! Don't blame you...that kind of call would make me crazy in very short time. Glad full-time acupuncture is working out for you!

  2. We couldn't let it cool down either before devouring one of the breads. I'm curious to see how it is a day later.

  3. I have to agree on the banana bread. While this one was a good one, I much prefer a bread without identity crisis in the mist. Either you are a straigh up Banana or carrot or zucchini bread, but being all of the above.. mmm, no so much. :)

  4. Your loaf turned out beautiful. Too bad the walnuts are not your thing. I will be trying it with almonds next time. My hunch is that I'd prefer it without nuts but with lots of spices instead. But I'll try almonds and then I'll try spices (maybe make one batch and split it in half to try both versions). Will keep you posted.

  5. I agree. I liked the bread but prefer straight up banana bread.

  6. Amanda, at least this book is full of rich chocolaty desserts! I actually made a banana bread after this one just to satisfy that taste. Yum.

    Vicki, you know, I wrote in my book that it was much better a day later, but there wasn't any left a day later! It was better cooled.

    Lois, thank you!

    Monica, a bread with identity crisis! It worked much better with the bread pudding/cake than it did here.

    Hanaa, walnuts are not my favorite nut. I look forward to your results!

    Andrea, there seem to be a lot of us who feel this way!

  7. I wasn't sure about this one either. But it turned out super yummy so I'm glad I made it. Yours look fab! Love the pictures.

  8. ב''ה

    Great photos! Love the golden color.

    I agree that the flavor comes out more after the cake has cooled.

  9. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. I'm not sure if I'll make this bread - seems like everyone had the same opinion of its flavor.


  10. Looks good to me!
    I just love Rose's books. She isn't a cake snob. She has humble but delicious recipes next to swanky intricate recipes, and they all live happily together!
    The crumb on the cake looks very moist and tender.


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