Gateau Breton

I almost didn't make this cake, as I am in the middle of packing up my apartment. I already packed away all of my baking gear, but squirreled away the tools I would need for this cake just in case. After reading Raymond and ButterYum's posts on their cakes, I decided that I could make one more cake in this kitchen. For old time's sake.

May 9, 2010
Name of Cake: Gateau Breton
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: one buttery cake

Gateau Breton

This cake is on the Quick and Easy list, and that's no joke. I think it may have taken longer to separate the eggs than it did to mix the batter. It was so quick and easy that I didn't bother to snap any process photos. Oh well.

This batter is thick and buttery, and smells so good. It reminded me of that stage in butter cake mixing when you've beaten the butter and dry ingredients together for 90 seconds--before the eggs and majority of the liquid goes in. It is thick and lovely like that.

The only mishap there is to talk about is that I had the oven at 350 instead of 325, so it was baked about 5 minutes early. It also didn't rise above the pan like it should, so maybe that is why?

I couldn't wait much longer after I turned the cake out of the pan, so I cut myself a slice while it was still warm. It was delicious. Dense, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth. The almonds play well with the butter and the rum is a good accessory. I would love to try this with Kirsch, and also with the high fat European butters as called for. Today I used good ol' Tillamook butter and it was still wonderful. This is one of those teacakes that would be good with coffee or tea, at breakfast (but then again, I think most cakes are good for breakfast), with fresh fruit (peaches! blueberries!) and creme fraiche, or simply as is. This cake is a winner!

Gateau Breton


  1. Excellent - I love your description of the yolks taking longer to separate than the batter takes to mix.

    I like the color of you gateau. My power went out during the baking of mine. I was out in the driveway talking to a friend for 20 minutes, so I had to guesstimate how long the power had been out, and so I reset the oven temp and let it bake until it "smelled" done. Might have been a tad overdone in the long run, but it was wonderful anyway. I can't wait for an excuse to make it again!


  2. Looks great. I love the colour of yours.

  3. Anonymous10/5/10 11:02

    After seeing this cake I MUST try it! Your picture of the slice is so tempting, perfect! Jeannette.

  4. Fancy you making this cake as you are about to move out. You are a good HCB! The cake looks just the kind of thing I love with a big hot latte. Sounds perfect. Like Jeannette, I am moved off my bum to make this cake. Maybe even tomorrow in time for tea! I have kirsch and the almonds, and the French butter, and my eggs come from a farm across the road... Bingo, Gateau Breton!

  5. Beautiful photo! Tillamook butter is good stuff. What a great farewell for your apartment with this wafting 'round.

  6. ב''ה

    Bravo for making a cake during a move. That can't be easy...

  7. Wow, your cake looks really good..such golden yellow color! So delicious! You are making me change my mind about not baking this...

  8. And you did this all in the middle of moving??? ARE YOU CRAZY? Hats off to you lady.

    Specially since it looks like you just whipped it up!

    Looks great, I just had a piece of mine - OH YUM!

  9. ButterYum, thanks! This must be one of those foolproof cakes--your oven went out in the middle of baking, mine was up too high, and both our cakes turned out great. I can't wait to make it again either!

    Rozanne, thanks!

    Jeanette, thank you! It was wonderful cake, can't wait to hear about yours!

    Melinda, you are right, this cake would be wonderful with a latte. Move your bum, lady! This cake is that delicious and buttery.

    Vicki, thank you! Yes, this is a good send off for my apartment.

    Mendy, with a cake this easy, it wasn't much of a problem!

    faithy, I think you would like this cake, I hope you do try it.

    Monica, I look forward to your post tomorrow! I wouldn't have baked it if it wasn't such a quick and easy cake.

  10. Love your cake Jennifer. The design on top is very pretty and looks very French.
    Happy moving!

  11. ah, that makes me a little sad to think of it as the last cake you'll bake in that kitchen. We had some good times there my friend, and some great cakes!! Here's to more wonderful cakes from the new-to-you kitchen!!
    love you! joelf

  12. Beautiful! Sounds like it would be amazing with a pot of tea. Good luck on the move, my dear!

    Heh -- my anti-spam robot word is nosch... would like to nosch on that cake!

  13. Oriana, thank you! Saying it looks very French sounds very chic to me.

    Joelf, we did have some good times, and some yummy food in this here apartment. Looking forward to lots of fun in the new place--hope you come visit sometime! Love you too, Jen

    raiuchka, it is very tasty with tea. Thanks for the luck--I need it ;) How did I acquire so much sutff?

  14. Your gateau looks just gorgeous! I know the feeling of the tiny kitchen, mine is 4' x 8'. But I persevered and did spun sugar in it yesterday, so I guess we just do with what we've got and have the good feeling of camaraderie whether it works or not. Wish you will in your new digs and look forward to hearing from you soon. joan

  15. Joan, yep, I've learned a tiny kitchen is still a kitchen and great things can come out of it! We just might have to improvise a little more, that's all.


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