Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies

I have had only one whoopie pie in my life, and it was when the stooges ended up at a vegan bakery. I just thought it was a giant Oreo cakester. Who knew the Whoopie pie had such a long and detailed history?

Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies

April 19, 2010
Name of cakes; Whoop There It Is
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: a marshmallow/buttercream frosting sandwiched between two little chocolate cakes

The little cakes are pretty easy to make, in fact the most complicated part would probably be melting the chocolate. The cakes contain both melted chocolate and cocoa powder, giving the cakes a deep chocolate flavor without being too sweet. Speaking of sweet, my very favorite dark muscovado is used and it perfumes the cakes with molasses. Yum!

The little cakes are scooped out onto baking sheets; six per sheet. I don't have an ice cream scoop, but Rose mentions that the scoop in question is 2 tablespoons, so I just used my tablespoon. However I had enough batter left over to actually add another tablespoon and a half to each cake. Go figure.

The little cakes bake up in ten minutes and thankfully, held their shape very well. They are cooled on a rack and set aside while the filling is made.

Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies

I guess traditional whoopie pie filling is marshmallow cream, but Rose fancies hers up a bit. The vegan whoop I ate had the classic shortening/powdered sugar filling which further convinced me what I had was a giant oreo cakester.

The cream is made by first making the marshmallow; a stiffly beaten egg white is set aside while a sugar syrup boils. The two are mixed together, creating usually quite a mess, and to finish this marshmallow cream a little bit of butter and vanilla are added. This gets cooled for a few minutes in the refrigerator, while butter and powdered sugar are beaten wildly in the mixer. The marshmallow is added in and ta-da! Marshmallow cream!

Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies

I would guess that about half of the sugar syrup ended up on the sides of the bowl or stuck to the spatula, so my cream wasn't very sweet. Which was okay, but it also dulled the flavor of the cream in general. But I'm not really complaining.

After hanging out in an airtight container my cakes were very sticky. The biggest cake actually split in two as I was trying to pick it up off the plate. I chose to eat my whoopie pie with a fork since it was so sticky.

Cookie and Cabbage seemed to like them well enough. Cookie especially. She seemed to be very pleased with them. We divided up the six pies so that each of us got two, and I suspect cookie might eat both of hers tonight! I am trying to save my second one for, you guessed it, breakfast.

Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies


  1. Jennifer,
    Well now I don't feel so bad. If an experienced baker like yourself has sugar syrup sticking to the side of the bowl then it is okay that mine does too.

    Mmmm! Whoppie Pies for breakfast, now that is decadent.

  2. Great photo presentation and write up. Whoopie Pie for breakfast seems totally normal to me!

  3. Mmmm, that looks really good. I love anything with marshmallow in it! Good call saving one for breakfast! Way to get your day going on the right foot. :)

  4. Great post, and really great photos!


  5. Oriana, that darn sugar syrup! I actually have better luck when I use the stand mixer. Crazy, huh? I am a little afraid of sugar syrups, truth be told.

    Vicki, thank you!

    Amanda, yep, cake is a part of a nutritious breakfast!

    ButterYum, thank you!!

  6. Anonymous20/4/10 12:46

    As requested i'm posting my love for these whoopie pies! well all I can say is W-H-O-O-P-I-E!!!! loved them. I particularly enjoy the mounthy-feel (as I said last night, the textual content) of the cake and marshmellowesque filling. I fills my mouth with whoopie goodness. Out of all your cakes (and you know that's a lot), Jeneeefeer, this may be one of my faves.
    love cookie
    p.s. aren't you going to post my b-day cake? Are you embarrassed of my wonderful cake?

  7. Your whoopees look like a real treat.
    Your marshmallow buttercream is billowing like a cushy pillow of plush cream.
    You may start a trend of whoopee for starting the day... 'Whoopee pies- the breakfast of heavenly bakers!'

  8. cookie, patience young one, your birthday cake will be posted soon. thank you for leaving a comment! you must have really loved the whoop-whoops to leave a comment!

    Melinda, "a cushy pillow of plush cream" will be the tag line for my new line of whoopie breakfast treats. How did you know?

  9. They look pretty yummy. Love the contrast of the dark cake against the white frosting.

  10. Looks absolutely delicious. I am sure it would made a wonderful breakfast with a cup of coffee or hot tea.. YUMMY!!

  11. Great photos! Isn't it great when your baking is so fab that the masses are compelled to comment.

    Looking forward to the b-day cake post.

    I could definitely see these as perfect breakfast food with a cup of tea.

  12. You guys, all your support for breakfast whoopies is awesome! We should start a movement!

    Hanaa, these were yummy!

    Laurie, I had my whoop with a cup of tea...delicious.

    Nicola, thank you! Yes, I am always pleased when those who ate the cake come around and comment.


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