Chocolate Streusel Cupcakes

I was on the fence about making the Chocolate Streusel Cake up until 8 pm tonight, when I checked in and many HCB had already posted their cakes which everyone seemed so far to love. How could I say no when so many said yes?
Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cupcakes

January 10, 2010
Name of Cupcakes: A Mouthful of Awesome!
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: Sour cream coffee cake, with a layer of chocolate-cinnamon streusel

Marie has mentioned a few cakes that she would request for her birthday cake, and if I had to request one I think a sour cream coffee cake would be it. I love this thick, fluffy, vanilla batter like I love Muscovado sugar. In this cake, incidentally, both of those things are present. Heavenly! I'm as happy as Larry!

The batter makes one 6-cup bundt cake plus two cupcakes, or twelve cupcakes. I decided if I was going to make 2 cupcakes I might as well make 12. Also, I only have the one 10-cup bundt pan, and although Raymond made his quite nicely in his 10-cup bundt, I came back to if I am making two cupcakes...well, you get the point.

It is kind of nice to wait until the last minute to bake, as I was able to read the posts of those who are not procrastinators and I learned from Kristina that the cupcake cups would be full but wouldn't overflow, and there would be extra chocolate streusel. She sprinkled her extra over the tops, which I decided to do as well. I also had enough batter and streusel to make a tiny little bundt. I found that pan in my baking cupboard when I was looking for my silicone cups--cute isn't it? That was a gift from Cookie; thank you Cookie!

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cupcakes

Actually, I would have to say "ditto" to much of what Kristina says in her post. I also used my new Beater Blade for this batter, and after beating together the butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla things did look unusually light and fluffy, too.

I am bummed that it is past midnight and thus no natural light with which to photograph these babies. They are really very adorable, and thus deserve to be shot in the best light possible.

By the way, they are also amazingly delicious. Like I said, I love a sour cream coffee cake--dense, moist, rich. The cinnamon in the streusel is a welcome addition, adding warmth and spice to the chocolate layer. In the little bundt, the layer is a little crunchy in places which is a nice surprise. I think the muscovado sugar in the streusel adds a depth and roundness that regular brown sugar just couldn't provide, which is why I love it so much. In fact, I am 100% in love with this whole cake--it is definitely going on my birthday wish list!

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cupcakes


  1. hmmm, muscovado sugar. I'm going to have to give that a try, I guess. Looks like a lovely cake!

  2. Natural light or no, the photos of these cupcakes are gorgeous. I think we're all happy as Larry.

  3. Procrastination has a benefit! I have finally secured a local source for Muscavado sugar and will be on my way shortly to pick it up ON SALE no less! Thanks for advocating for Muscavado. I would have used one of the seven bags of other sugars I now have thanks to HCB!

  4. Amanda, I certainly love the muscovado sugar! You can find it at a lot of the grocery stores around here.

    BBC, thank you! I definitely agree, we are all happy as Larry.

    Vicki, isn't funny all the things we are starting to acquire? I've never had so many different types of wheat flour until HCB either!

  5. your cupcakes look so good! mouthwatering! yummy!

  6. Love the crackly top of your cupcakes. Glad you liked it that much. Can't wait to try this one, but first I have a birthday cake to bake :o)

  7. you sure sound happy as a larry!

    gorgeous cracks on the cake!

  8. Your cupcakes look grand. And great idea to bake after everyone has posted to adopt some of their tricks!

    I think my cupcakes overflowed because of the unbleached flour.

  9. Great post! I too have way too many pictures to take after the sun goes down!!!


  10. Oh they do look adorable and delicious. I could snarf one down with a cup of char right now. I'd be happy as Larry, too, if it weren't for the rats and the predicted snow, yet again.
    I like that this recipe does a nice cupcake. I am always looking for user friendly portable treats to take to work. These look like a good candidate.

  11. Anonymous12/1/10 19:52

    You can thank me later for the mini bundt - with a cake of course

  12. faithy, thanks! i loved your mini bundts, and great idea on the icing!

    Hanaa, me too! I am looking forward to your birthday cake post--a lucky husband indeed.

    gartblue, thank you!

    Nicola, thank you! I also realised, after filling the cups to the top I still had leftover batter that I baked separately in the mini tube pan. Maybe that's why mine didn't run over? Who knows.

    ButterYum, thank you!

    Melinda, rats? And more snow! Send some of that snow to Vancouver, Canada; I just heard they are worried there won't be enough snow for the Olympics next month. These are a good candidate for porting, especially since they don't need any frosting.

    Cookie, of course I'll thank you with cake! Anytime, missy. You forgot to share with the world that this cake is your husband's 3rd favorite cake of all the cakes I've ever made.


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