Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Baking Bible: Pecan Praline Scheherazades

These are a simple and easy candy to make; very quick and easy as long as you are not caramel-averse. The key to caramel, at least for me, is to keep an eagle eye on it and check the temperature frequently.

What makes these candies shine are the ingredients used: golden syrup and muscovado sugar bring more flavor than corn syrup and brown sugar. The real amazing ingredient is the creme fraiche instead of heavy cream, but I had heavy cream so that's what I used. They're still good, not to worry.

I made a few mistakes despite how easy I am telling you this recipe is. The pecans are to be chopped up into medium-small pieces and I skipped over the small part. This left the nut-caramel ratio in favor of the caramel which was a bit of a bummer. Then, after making caramel and pouring over the nuts in a bowl, the candies are spooned out into rounds. My candies were apparently large as I was supposed to end up with fourteen to sixteen candies and I had nine. Nine! Oh well.

They are chewy and crunchy and quite satisfying. Easy to make and easy to eat.

larger-than-life pecan praline scheherazade