Monday, April 04, 2016

The Baking Bible: Meringue Birch Twigs

A big caveat about making meringue that Rose puts up front on this recipe: avoid making meringue when the weather is humid.

Well....I should have checked the weather report because we had a wonderful week of sunny and dry days but the night I made these birch twigs the clouds rolled in and the rain came back. Sooo...humidity was 96%. Alas.

This morning the twigs were soft and sticky instead of crisp and dry, and as the day wore on (humidity today was 76%) the twigs got stickier and sadder and less like twigs and more like failure. They taste like sticky chocolate marshmallow treats which isn't so bad but I wish I could have tasted them as they were intended to be. I skipped buying raspberry essence and left them with just the vanilla extract so this project didn't require a big investment of resources or even time. It was quick and easy, even the piping!

Oh well.

so nice and warm outside!

stiff and glossy peaks

are they trees or sticky marshmallows?

someone got into the meringue


  1. Your little boy is so cute! He looks quite happy with the marshmallowy texture. :) I learnt the hard way too, I once made meringues when the weather was hot and humid, and the moment it came out of the oven, they all turn melty and sticky. You pipe so well! The twigs look just like Rose's in the book.

  2. He has a big boy hair cut! Really cute. I wondered how humidity would affect these. Your twigs look perfect out of the oven with the drizzle.

  3. Look how perfect your twigs turned out. I see you used parchment. Kim had trouble with them sticking to silpats so I think I'll go with parchment for this one. Will pipe and bake them soon. Can't wait!

  4. That can't be your baby son!! He is big and tall! Oh and your meringue is perfection (sorry, got distracted with the boy *grin*).