Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Baking Bible: Brioche

This is really a most spectacular loaf of bread. All told, it is also fairly simple to do. It just takes awhile, but when there is a toddler loose in the kitchen, lots of steps that can be broken up over hours and days is perfect.

I first made brioche during the Heavenly Cakes bakethrough, and I'll link there if you are interested in the play-by-play of how brioche is made.

Mark felt it was the best version of brioche he's had. I think it is the best loaf I've made so far. I did fudge the baking a little bit. It's been really hot here so I didn't turn on the oven until 11pm. After 20 minutes the child woke up crying so I checked the loaf and the internal temperature was about 160&degF. The bread is supposed to be at 190&degF when fully baked. So I turned off the oven and left the brioche inside to keep on baking. Twenty minutes after that, the child back in bed, I ran downstairs and checked the bread. The internal temperature was now 187&degF so I called it good and pulled the bread, turned it out onto a cooling rack, and went to bed.

This was the first time I tried to shape the dough in the traditional way. I just kind of made it up and didn't get too upset that the knot slid. I hear that happens.



  1. Your bread dough looked easy to handle..mine was all melty and soft in the hot weather. Must have tasted great with strawberries..I should do that next time..and with ice-cream..lol!

  2. That was actually a great way to finish the bake. Mine baked for the lesser amount of time and the internal temperature was hotter than it should have been. Your's has great color. I remember during HC that this sounded way to hard so I bought brioche for that recipe. Strawberries was a great idea!