Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Baking Bible: Luxury Oatmeal Cookies

Let's just get this out in the open: I hate oatmeal cookies. I find them bland, boring, and they contain raisins, which I also hate. Terrible texture. But these oatmeal cookies are completely different. I love these!

Vicki nailed it on the head when she described them as chocolate chip cookies with granola. which is exactly what they are and probably the exact reason why I love them. They have that buttery toffee like flavor of a good chocolate chip cookie (plus chocolate chips!) but with some added texture and crunch from the granola/oats. Plus, I used golden raisins, and there's just enough to give a little fruity squish every now and then, which I am actually enjoying instead of hating.

This is another project that can be broken up to suit a toddler's schedule, which I appreciate so very much.

First up, you make granola. Rose got this recipe from Caitlin Freeman, she who makes the Mondrian cake . (By the way, she has the coolest job.) This granola is a bit on the sweet side for me as it had both light Muscovado and maple syrup (I use grade B; more flavor). It was also really wet after the prescribed baking time so I kept on baking until it was dry and toasty.

Granola is easy peasy. Mix up your dry stuff: oats, nuts, sugars, cinnamon.

Then mix in your wet stuff: oil, maple syrup, vanilla.

Then you bake it and a low heat until toasty. Done.

The granola can be made way on advance; it keeps in the fridge but you could probably also freeze it. In my case I made it the day before I made the cookies while the child napped.

Next up: make some cookie dough.

Standard stuff here. Cream butter with sugars. Add some egg. Then some flour, leaveners, and salt. It will smell like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Then you mix in (by hand) the granola, raisins, and chocolate chips.

looks like my chocolate chips bloomed. no wonder they were on sale!
Then the dough needs to refrigerate for 30 min up to 24 hours. I was planning on waiting 24 hours, because I suspected that would be like those 3 day chocolate chip cookies we went crazy for way back when. But then I couldn't wait and made the cookies after a three hour rest. 

You roll out 42 gram balls of dough and then smush them down.

12 minutes in the oven and you have this:

Then you do a jig of impatience while you bake all the cookies, take some photos, and wait for them to cool a bit.

And then you try hard not to eat all the cookies in one sitting. Definitely making these again!


  1. I love that last picture! I used golden raisins too and liked them better. I don't actually hate raisins but don't love them either.

  2. Your cookies look quite brown too. Glad to hear that you like them. I think they are a bit too sweet for me. :) Oh ya, I like your baking sheet!

  3. Yes, you baking sheet is cool. I like it too. Your granola looks beautiful. Nice pics overall. These cookies had a slow addicting quality for us. We didn't devour them, but we've been picking up one or two each day.

  4. "jig of impatience"~that's it exactly! Not unlike a toddler! Love your pictures. You really captured this cookie's best side. My daughter did the math and I ended up putting 24 additional grams of extra thick oatmeal in mine since I went by measurement and not the scale. Kind of explains everyone's before baking pics look completely different than my dough. I would like these no matter what the texture, me thinkest!

    1. 24 extra grams is a lot! glad you liked them with the extra granola.

  5. Your cookies look fantastic. As much as I dislike cookies, I loved these and the granola was a major hit with me

  6. Beautiful cookies! I admire your toddler-cooking juggling make it sound easy.

    1. i wish it was!! luckily he's a pretty easy little toddler...for now.

  7. Fruity squish, the best part of the cookie. Glad you liked these cookies - definitely a keeper recipe for me.

  8. Williams Sonoma rocks. Love the "jig of impatience" as well. I'm happy you like these.

  9. I added chopped dried Monterey cherries. Loved them. I also make extra granola to use as breakfast cereal. Because it's relatively plain and not too sweet, I just add whatever fresh fruit I have and either yogurt or milk. It beats commercial granola anytime.