Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Plum Round Ingots

You guys, I actually like these! A lot!

I have had a crazy day, and finding these plum round ingots delicious just fits the theme.

Plum round ingots
This is a murky phone photo, so pretend they look prettier.

August 1, 2011
Name of Cakes: almond plum teacakes
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: ingots (almond brown butter teacakes), baked in little rounds with plums and/or blueberries

These are super easy to make. The batter, which is just a small amount, is blended in the food processor and then refrigerated for at least 6 hours. After a good long rest, you fill the mini tart pans half full; I used my little ramekins which held exactly double what the mini pans would. Then some lovely plums (I used pluots) are sliced thin and placed into the batter, or blueberries are sprinkled over the top. I ran out of pluot slices after lining the third ramekin so I filled in the middle with blueberries.

These bake for about half an hour, cool completely in their pans, and then are ready to eat!

I wasn't too sure about these ingots as I have not been a fan of the ingots we've baked in the past. But these! The beurre noisette-vanilla-almond combination is wonderful and complements the pluots (or blueberries) so perfectly. The edges are crunchy and the middles are soft. I finally am on board with this ingot thing.


  1. "finally on board with this ingot thing"

    Your post made me laugh!

    I thought of revising my post, because my husband loved the ingots - he didn't like any of the ones I've made before. His description is very similar with yours, he loved the plums in it.

    And I love your variety of design in the ingot filling.

  2. thanks for liking my design! i was trying to make the pretty flower shape like you and rose did, you see that is not what happened.

  3. They look great. The one almost looks like a rose. :)

  4. It's a flower--it's just not the flower you had in mind.

  5. Jerilea and Marie, thanks! At least they made up for their lack of rose pattern by being delicious.