Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No-Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake

The No-Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake runs circles around it's boxed counterparts, and is a delightful warm weather treat. Light and airy, yet tangy, creamy and rich like a cheesecake should be, I have discovered this cake is as good for breakfast as it is post dinner or in the middle of the night.

no-bake whipped cream cheesecake for breakfast

July 22, 2011
Name of Cake: Hot Weather Cheesecake
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: graham cracker crust, italian meringue, creme fraiche custard, and sour cream and whipped cream cheese

I didn't take any process photos. I decided to put this together before I went to work (don't be too shocked, I went to work at 1:30 pm). I need to remember NOT to bake when there is a time constraint, as the project which may seem uncomplicated will become complicated and stress me out.

The custard came together without a hitch, although I strained out a good amount of cooked egg yolk.

The problem was that the whipped cream cheese and the sour cream (in my case whole milk greek yogurt) weren't warming up to room temperature. It probably had to do with the fact that it was only 63°F outside but the recipe says these two ingredients need to be at room temperature or else the gelatin in the custard would curdle. I had to give up on that dream and had a gravelly looking cheesecake. Luckily this didn't affect the mouthfeel or taste.

The italian meringue is made and folded into the other lively ingredients. This gets put into the graham cracker shell (which is also unbaked) and refrigerated for at least 4 hours. Mine refrigerated overnight, and my friends who were in town and I ate it for breakfast. Rose warns this cheesecake is really delicate and thus a pain to cut and serve, but I think the overnight chilling helped in that regards.

I had bought fresh bing cherries from the farmer's market and made a coulis out of them. Alongside strong cups of coffee and some crispy bacon, this cheesecake was a wonderful way to start the day.


  1. Looks delicious, ECL! Can't see any graininess in the photo. Sorry I skipped this one.

    And, bacon...yum.

  2. I did a double take on the bacon, thought I'm looking at the wrong post :).

    When I made the cheesecake, I forgot to take the cream cheese and sour cream out to be at room temperature. So I warm them up in the microwave - using the "soften" butter settings. It works!

  3. After reading your cake blogs for a few years, I think the real question is, is there a cake that you don't think is good for breakfast?

  4. Sounds like a wonderful breakfast to me!

  5. inthekitchen, thanks! I hoep you do try it, there's a free cake coming up!

    Jenn, alas, no microwave for me. Otherwise that would be a great idea!

    Marie, well, yes...but some are better than others! My friends laughed when I mentioned this wasn't the first photo of cake and bacon for breakfast on my blog.

    Lois, it was!

  6. Wow, baking before going to work! You're my hero :o) I can barely talk myself into leaving my cozy bed each morning.
    Your cake looks super! I love the cherry coulis on it. Much better than the canned cherry pie filling they dump on the cheesecakes you see at the grocery stores.

    Very much looking forward to the wedding cake you're making. You go girl! Happy Baking!!!

  7. Thanks Hanaa! I start operation wedding cake tomorrow and it is so comforting to know that you're all cheering me on :)

    don't forget, i went to work at 1:30 pm...so not amazing!

  8. Ohhh.....it looks so good with those berries!!! Funny with bacon!

  9. Well, the cheesecake looks grand to me. For breakfast? Why not?
    You're making a wedding cake? I can't wait to read about it. Who is getting married? x

  10. Vicki, the cherries were a perfect accompaniment. So was the bacon!

    Melinda, if we were meeting for breakfast I'd bring cheesecake! The wedding was yesterday! Friends of friends, Sam and Andrea, got hitched. It was lovely, and the cake was a hit. I'm finishing up my blog post tonight (hopefully).

  11. that sounds really good!