Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coconut Cheesecake Pudding with Coconut Cookie Crust

Well, baking friends, this cheesecake turned out to be more like a cheesecake pudding than an actual cheesecake. And when I say pudding I mean like the stuff in a cup that Bill Cosby used to pimp. Which isn't bad, necessarily.

Coconut Cheesecake Fail
don't let this shot fool you!

June 21, 2009
Name of Pudding: Coconut-Cheesecake Pudding
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: Coconut-cookie crust (sorta) with coconut cheesecake filling

So the whole thing was easy to assemble and put together, which is nice so I don't feel like I spent a whole day making a failed cake. With The Cake Bible's cheesecake, it often would come out of the oven looking runny but a good 24 hour rest in the refrigerator always helped. This time, the cheesecake came out of the oven looking very wobbly, but I let it cool in all the various ways it needed cooling and then stuck it the refrigerator for it's overnight rest. The next morning I pulled it out, removed the sides of the springform pan no problem, and then decided to slide it off the springform base and onto a plate. Here's where things got bad. The crust started sliding out from under the filling, leaving the filling on the plate. The filling didn't like this so it started oozing out from the middle and that's when I discovered that this must be the most seriously undercooked cheesecake I have ever made. I eventually blobbed it all onto the plate, and here's how pretty it looked after I added the toasted coconut top:

Coconut Cheesecake Fail

At least it tastes delicious.

This is best served in bowls with spoons. Also, I couldn't find any non-imitation coconut extract that actually had coconut in the ingredients, so I decided to use Malibu rum which was leftover from an island party a few years back. That seemed to work out fine--in fact the cake could have used a little more booze. As could I.

Coconut Cheesecake Fail


  1. I'm on an island right now, and I could still use a little more booze!!!

    I prefer the Nilla wafers (tm), but I would try the pudding thing...but only if pimped by a Cosby...


  2. I"m glad it still tasted good! You can get great coconut extract at La Cuisine online, in case you ever need it again. Not cheap, but very good.

  3. Jennifer - I was worried that mine didn't set up enough--wow, poor you. We do agree, though, that the flavor was delicious. Actually, mine was almost perfect about the bottom half, but custardy-gooey around the top. There was a lot of water coming out of the bottom foil when I took it off to cool. I have now ordered a 9.5" silicone pan to set the next one in. I also wondered about an extra egg for more set up? I love the coconut, t the Coco Lopez, the La Cuisine coconut essence, and really want to make it again. My neighbor boys have done balistic over it, pudding or not.

  4. Oh dear. But it still looks pretty good in the last picture. Glad it tasted good too!
    Do you think your oven is changing temperatures still?
    You are very controlled...I would have had a 2 1/2 year old's paddy tantrum over it!

  5. Ha--this reminds me of the pie that I made as Lazy Bakers project long ago--the one I served in a cereal bowl. it could be worse, though, as in no cheesecake at all!

  6. Sorry to hear that your cheesecake slided down like that..but at least the it tasted great and looks delicious! :)

  7. Oh my, like Melinda I would have taken a hissy fit! I'm glad it tasted good though and served in bowls - so you have pudding instead - sounds good to me.

  8. That must have been a shock! This cheesecake was so good no one would mind how it was served. I like the addition of rum, for the cake and the baker!

  9. OMG... see what a good pictures can do? Sort of like frosting... it HIDES nasty things!

    But at the end of the road the taste is in the pudding (no pun intended!) and if it taste good, who cares what it looks like!

  10. joelf, hello, I think you are surrounded by rum, and that coco lopez stuff comes from the DR! So you are FINE. I know you have a problem with creamy, but do you consider a baked-through cheesecake creamy?

    Amanda, thanks for the La Cuisine tip!

    BSA, ah you used the La Cuisine stuff! I really will have to remember to order from them.

    Melinda, my oven is still having troubles but we (the oven and I) are working it out! I was very grumpy for 3/4 of the day, but no tantrum. Maybe I'm growing! haha.

    BBC, oh yeah--the pie! I am hoping for genoise redemption, but...we'll see.

    faithy, it did taste delicious!

    Oriana, yes, once I started calling it pudding I felt better about the whole thing. I mean, who doesn't love pudding?

    Vicki, rum and coconut do go so well together! As do myself and rum!

    Monica, yep, I considered trying to get away with pretending I made a good cheesecake, but this is more funny. Nice pun lady :)

  11. ב''ה

    So sorry it gooped on you. I wonder what it was...