Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coffee Chiffon Cake with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream, and Meeting Rose!

Hello everyone. Life has been a little busy over here at Evil Cake Lady headquarters, and I am tired. So this post may be a little thin, but don't let that fool you into thinking this cake wasn't delicious, because it was.

Coffee Chiffon Cake with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

April 26, 2010
Name of Cake: Coffee and Caramel!
Occasion: HCB
Constituents: Coffee chiffon cake with coffee syrup and dulce de leche whipped cream

This recipe is designed to create a bunch of mini chiffonlets, but as per usual, I didn't want to buy the pan. I was thinking of cupcakes but then Kristina let us all know that it works just fine as a regular-sized chiffon so I happily opted for that.

The chiffon was really easy to put together. I was actually surprised by this--for some reason I thought chiffon cakes were laborious.

Coffee Chiffon Cake with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

After cooling, the cake is brushed with a Kahlua-coffee syrup. That sounded so delicious but I didn't have any Kahlua (which I usually do!) so I just substituted more water.

The dulce de leche takes about 90 minutes to make, but those 90 minutes don't require you to do anything at all. I actually made it a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling industrious, and had the oven on. Basically a can of sweetened condensed milk gets poured into a pie plate, which gets placed inside of a cake pan, which gets filled with hot water to make a bain marie. Then you cover the whole contraption with foil and shove it in the oven and wander off until the timer goes off. Easy peasy!

Coffee Chiffon Cake with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

This yummy caramelly stuff is then whipped into cream, which makes this amazingly delicious caramel whipped cream basically. I made a double batch, just in case I needed it for the large cake, but mostly because I thought extra dulce de leche whipped cream would be nice to snack on for the rest of the week.

Coffee Chiffon Cake with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

I even made coffee, which I never do, just so I could stir in a dollop of dulce de leche cream. I'm looking forward to another cup tomorrow morning!

Speaking of morning, this cake was excellent for breakfast this morning. It really isn't the right way to start one's day, but it was tasty.

Cookie loved this cake a lot. She immediately got up for a second helping last night. In fact, all of us had 2 slices yesterday.

This cake was delicious, but I think I like Sybil's Pecan Coffee Torte better. It has more bite to it, which I enjoy. I will be pairing this dulce de leche cream with Sybil's cake in the future!

me and rose and a couple of cookbooks of the year

And on a side note: I met Rose and Woody last weekend! They were in town for the IACP conference, and as you all probably know by now, won best cookbook of the year. I feel a little bit proud that it happened here in my city, even though Portland was only the host, and not the deciders. Rose and Woody were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to let me come to their hotel lobby and meet them, as I couldn't make it to her book signing earlier that day. I dragged along my battered and worn copy of The Cake Bible and Rose's Heavenly Cakes anyway. Rose was so sweet and personable. Woody was a giant ball of energy. Woody, how do you do it? He ran about us, taking photos with our cameras. I wish I had insisted upon somebody else taking a photo of all of us. It was a lovely little meeting, and I offer Rose and Woody my hearty congratulations on an honor well deserved!

And now, off to bed. Goodnight!

rose signed my book!


  1. Phew, at least I can go to the loo now! I am so glad you go to meet Rose...and Woody! I haven't met Woody yet!
    Did she get all teary-eyed, when she saw your much loved and battered Cake Bible?
    Your 'big momma' chiffon-o-lait cake, looks absolutely puffy delicious! I would love to have that in the morning with a cup of coffee.
    You are redesigning the breakfast menu of America!

  2. Jennifer
    Your cake looks so good with all that sweet cream over it. I love cake, especially light ciffony type cakes for breakfast-nothing like cake to give you that burst of energy!

    How great that you have met Rose and at the hotel to boot!

  3. Your cake looks beautiful. So tall. Love the whipped cream on top. It looks so luscious! How bake a tube pan did you use? And did you double the recipe?

    How fun to meet Rose and Woody. Lucky you!!

  4. What fun! Meeting Rose and Woody in such an informal setting must have been a blast. Woody was running around the SF book signing with packages of vanilla beans hanging out his back pocket. We ladies in the front row got quite a giggle, I can tell you. I love your cake made this way. I think I'll skip buying the mini angelfood cake pans and try this next time. I wondered how the whipped cream would be on top of espresso. Will have to give it a try today.

  5. Oh, that looks heavenly indeed! Caramel and cream together rock, but what is up with you not having Kahlua on hand?? Have we grown up so much? How cool that you got to meet Rose and Woody! She sounds lovely, to arrange to meet you in the hotel.

    Am sending you email later today... we saw Magda and Irina this weekend. I'm sorry we didn't see you but we drove straight through to Camp Sherman Friday.

  6. ECL, your cake looks lovely.
    How fun that you meet Rose and Woody! Were you nervous? It's very nice of her to meet you in her hotel.

  7. Melinda, yes please, go to the loo! You are so funny. Actually, I think she was a little taken aback at exactly how battle scarred my book is. I warned her, but then when I presented my book to her, she remarked, "it is battered and worn." She seemed amused that the page she was signing had a big chocolate smear on it.

    I should open a little breakfast cake cart, and all the cakes will be regular cakes, just for breakfast!

    Oriana, this cake was so light and airy, and the cream was a wonderful companion.

    Hanaa, I used my regular angel food tube pan and didn't double the recipe, but that would make a wonderful tall chiffon. I would wonder how to get the syrup to the middle if it was so tall.

    Vicki, Woody is such a hoot isn't he? I can just picture him running around with vanilla beans sticking out if his pocket!

    I love whipped cream and espresso (isn't that a Cubano?) and now I think I should tell all the baristas to start doing Dulce Cubanos instead--so yummy!

    raiuchka, Magda and Irina! How fun! I was in a lecture all weekend so no worries that we didn't see each other. Another time. I usually have Kahlua; that's why I didn't buy any, because its usually sitting right there in my pantry.

    Jenn, I was nervous! But Rose was so sweet and welcoming that I stopped being nervous almost instantly. It was really very generous of her and Woody to let me come to their hotel. I will always be thankful!

  8. Anonymous28/4/10 13:11

    Don't know what happened to my first message, but I'll say again... lovely to SEE you ! How lucky you were to have your books signed by Rose, when Melinda and I met up with her last year it was a surprise so we didn't have our books with us!
    Your cake looks great and sounds as though it tasted great too, always a bonus! Jeannette

  9. Love the cake, love the picture of you and Rose! Yes, you should have gotten a picture of Woody, too, although I'm a little worried that all this celebrityhood is going to go to his head!
    I wish I had some of that whipped cream right now!

  10. Lovely cake, lovely photos, and congrats on meeting Rose and Woody!


  11. How exciting to meet Rose and Woody! I'm jealous! I should have thought of going to the book signing, I don't know how it didn't cross my mind. I think it's appropriate that she signed a page that was smeared with chcocolate. :)

  12. Jeanette, hi! Yes, there I am. I am usually the one taking all the photos--always behind the scenes!

    Marie, I just had a little spoonful of whipped cream! Woody was so funny, and he insisted on signing RHC underneath his own photo, which reminded me of signing yearbooks. I guess I forgot to mention that he signed my book too, plus I didn't mention him in my post title, so that will keep him humble.

    ButterYum, thank you!

    Amanda, yeah with the Cake Bible she would have had to turn a lot of pages to find a non-smeared one. Too bad you missed her and Woody--we could have compared notes!