Monday, November 09, 2009


In the Harry Potter books, Obliviate was a spell that would erase the memory of the victim. It played quite a significant role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, both funny and sad. I would hope, were I ever to find myself facing down the Obliviate charm, the memory of these little truffle cakes would be spared.

November 6, 2009
Name of cakes: Baby Chocolate Oblivions
Occasion: Heavenly Cake Bakers
Constituents: Chocolate. Sugar. Eggs. Butter. Good Times.

This is my first bake-along with the Heavenly Cake Bakers. I have been enjoying Marie's (aka BBC's) adventures as she bakes her way through Rose Levy Beranbaum's new cookbook Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Recently she invited others to join her and the Heavenly Cake Bakers was born.

Baby Chocolate Oblivions

These Baby Oblivions are simply the Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from The Cake Bible repurposed as cute little individual servings. I have no complaints about that. This cake has always been a delicious and decadent hit!

The only real difference between the two recipes, is that the Babies use a higher percentage chocolate, and thus, a little bit of sugar has been added. I will confess that most of the time I bake the Torte I've used a darker chocolate (62%-ish) without adding sugar and it has been freakishly good. So initially I wasn't planning on adding the 3 tablespoons of sugar, but then things went a little off script.

First off, I wasn't going to buy a silicone cupcake pan as I have a bunch of silicone cupcake cups. I figured I could use the cups inside my metal cupcake tin, skip the metal rack (since I guessed it was to stablise the silicone pan), and not have to buy any new bakeware this week. Then of course I couldn't find my cupcake tin. What the fudge, people? Have any of you seen my cupcake tin? Let me know.

Baby Chocolate Oblivions

I bought a new metal cupcake tin, came home and turned on the oven. I pulled down my favorite dark chocolate, and noticed that I didn't have a full pound. So I pulled down my favorite semi sweet chocolate, and noticed that box was almost empty. Combined I was still in need of 100 grams, and I was resolved not to leave the house again. I searched my pantry, and found my old roommate had left behind a unsweetened baking bar. So my Babies have an approximate percentage breakdown as follows: 75% dark chocolate, 20% semi sweet chocolate, and 5% unsweetened chocolate. I added a little more than the 3 tablespoons sugar called for just in case.

Baby Chocolate Oblivions

The cupcake tin fit in my 12x18 pan, and I actually have a 9x13 pan and it fit nicely on top of the cupcake tin. I was worried about that. I also bah-humbugged the need for silicone gloves (if I was using the silicone pan and the wire rack I believe it would have been absolutely necessary). Luckily there were no mishaps.

Hey, did anyone else have a leftover batter? I had enough to fill a little ramekin which I baked in my toaster oven. All the Babies, including the rogue ramekin, are currently chilling in the refrigerator. I am totally having that rogue for breakfast tomorrow. (Yeah, I said it. Breakfast.)

The silicone cups released the Babies easily and nicely, hooray! The extra batter that I baked in the ramekin took a lot more coaxing, but it finally slid out without leaving too much behind. I whipped up some cream and my roommate and I dug in.

Baby Chocolate Oblivions

Mmmm. So good. So soft, so creamy, so chocolaty! And so freakin rich! Annmarie couldn't even finish her little Oblivion Baby, and the ramekin full of Oblivion I'm trying to eat is winning. I didn't make the raspberry puree this time around which is a bummer. The whipped cream is a wonderful companion but (in my opinion) these Babies need a raspberry chaperone as well. I'm sure I have some in the freezer! I guess the Obliviate charm wouldn't be such a bad thing after all; I'd be able to finish that ramekin. (Don't worry, I finished it later on in the day. Everything's gonna be allll-right.)

Oblivion Torte, previously.


  1. I had an extra ramekin's worth of batter too, even after filling all the other cups up to the top. I served it with raspberries but I think raspberry puree would have been better as a chaperone. And I also served it to people who couldn't finish it. Sissies.

  2. Great job! Love how you used the individual silicone cupcake cups. Do me a favor... if you find your cupcake tin, see if my mini silicone leaf pan is hiding with it. I bought it months ago and have absolutely no idea where it is - hope I didn't accidentally send it off to Goodwill.


  3. Aww yeah, chocolate for breakfast! I'm in complete agreement on that point! And also that the chocolate oblivion definitely needs a raspberry puree.

  4. Great idea to use those silicone cupcake liners. I agree these baby cakes were very rich, great with coffee though for breakfast ;o)

  5. BBC, sissies indeed! :)

    ButterYum, I keep thinking that's what I did with my old cupcake tin--accidentally donated it to the Goodwill. If I find mine, I'm sure I'll find yours.

    Amanda, yay chocolate! Hey you want a couple? I have a lot left over :)

    Sugar Chef, coffee, what a great idea! Glad to know I wasn't the only one eating them for breakfast!

  6. Maybe we should deliver some of these gems to J.K. Rowling so she too might obliviate!

  7. I love the chocolate hunt!
    My husband was going through the baking twirly cupboard (It's one of those corner under the cabinet jobbies that twirls, hence it is called the twirly cupboard, not where I keep all my batons from my majorette days! ha ha)
    anyway, what was I saying?... Oh yes, Ian said we had a very large stash of chocolate. I told him yes, I have emergency chocolate for the WHOLE village. I am prepared for that disaster.

    It is hard to imagine chocolate being too rich to finish. But I hear this happens to some people.
    I bet those chocolate oblivions would be nice with clotted cream too.

  8. I like the way the one in the ramekin looks like a mini version of the large chocolate oblivion cake. I had some leftover cake for snack yesterday, but I wish I had thought of it for breakfast. The eggs make it a wholesome breakfast, right?

  9. Oh, man, that looks like a whole lotta chocolately goodness! Does it put you into a state of oblivion? Looks like it might!

  10. such great idea to use the silicon cups over the pan! my next shopping!

  11. Are you serious? Because if you really have more than you can eat, I might be convinced to relieve you of a couple of them! :) I happen to be going to Portland tomorrow afternoon, so if you're going to be around, let me know. I'm making passion fruit truffles and peanut butter cups later this week, so if you have a chance to head south anytime in the near future, I'd be glad to share! :)

  12. Vicki, if delivering some Baby Oblivions would be our in to meet JK Rowling, I'd do it!

    Melinda, so where do you keep all your batons from your majorette days? I took baton twirling lessons when I was in the 4th grade; I wonder what happened to the thing...

    I love that you are the village chocolate keeper! I hope the village knows how important you are. Have you tried this cake yet? I bet there is some clotted cream hanging around just waiting to be served alongside an Oblivion.

    Shoshana, exactly! Six eggs must make this appropriate for breakfast!

    Raiuchka, it sure does put you into a state of oblivion. A real good one.

    Faithy, it seems like you did just fine without silicone, but I will say it was very helpful!

    Amanda, I am serious! I have six left, and I really only need to keep one. Send me an email and we can work out the details!

  13. ummm, ECL, you know I am not a huge chocolate fan, but if the babies are anything like the original, then I'm so in! And, you're welcome for the chocolate in the cupboard. Harry has some with him in the cupboard under the stairs as well! Love you!

  14. These babies are exactly like the original, and I know you'd find a way to enjoy it! Wilman would love these too, since he actually is a chocolate fan.

    Yes, thanks for the chocolate! I told Annmarie about your Hershey's stash and she has been helping herself to those. It's like you knew we'd need them.